Multiple pictures straight!Shiyan first line of epidemic prevention and control!

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Baoan district launched since the outbreak of “0131” emergency plans to speed up to prevent the spread of the virus nucleic acid current sampling, health care, such as supplies volunteer service activities are orderly control area and prevent area residents daily life effective guarantee rock control area of bayonet, epidemic prevention staff in accordance with the provisions, check the nucleic acid code and article in and out of the release, strict enforcement of traffic command.Citizens returning to Shiyan register their personal information at the bayonet.Currently, citizens are required to show a green code and undergo nucleic acid tests before returning to their residences.”Unmanned vehicles” efficiently distribute epidemic prevention materials, and epidemic prevention workers are allocating supplies.In order to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible and block the transmission chain of the virus in time, shiyan Street carried out a new round of nucleic acid testing today (February 5). Baoan District sent staff to carry out publicity and mobilization building by building, asking residents to actively cooperate and support, to ensure that no one should be tested.Citizens in the prevention area participate in nucleic acid sampling orderly at fixed nucleic acid sampling sites.Medical staff went to the homes of residents in the control area to test nucleic acid.The delivery boy will place the food on the designated receiving rack in the containment area.Residents of the prevention area went to the supermarket to purchase supplies, the major supermarkets have sufficient supply of goods, the price is stable.The “tiger baby” is sleeping soundly under the care of medical staff and mother after being transferred from shiyan control area to Bao ‘an Central Hospital at noon on February 2.You’ll be escorted home by a hospital car today.A family watches the Beijing Winter Olympics in Shiyan defense Zone.The warm propaganda banner with the “New Year flavor”.Prevention of the epidemic do not relax everyone must wash their hands frequently, wear masks to do a good job of personal protection look forward to an early end of the epidemic we enjoy spring together to proofread/Zheng Lijun/Li Tingxin editor/Liu Qiupeng proofread/Gao Qingwen Hu Jiezhen source/Bao ‘an Bay point share point collection