When my family sets me up on a blind date, am I considered heterosexual?

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When my family sets me up on a blind date, am I considered heterosexual?Who can tell me why he has a valve in his eye?Some people like to be close to their leaders, while others avoid them.He said he would give me money this month, but he said he didn’t have any.Were you taken seriously when you first went to your date’s house?It helps me figure out which one is the right one to buy.What does it mean when a man breaks up with you and demands to see you again, even from a distance?I wish grandpa a happy 99th birthday and good health.”What’s next on “Smart people don’t fall in love”?My boyfriend told me to find Deja or he was breaking up with me.How can I persuade him?Why was Blue Potion removed from League of Legends?Why not use Sun Wukong as a mount?I soaked some chili peppers in vinegar last night.It looks very white today.What’s the reason?How did you carry so much money to the end of the month?Go to the hospital for mid-year vaccination.What if I miss one?If I usually leave work at 6:00 and the group leader sends a message to the group at 5:55 saying that the meeting will be held at 6:30, what should I do?Why can the elders of the village sit at home from afternoon to evening without speaking?