If you want to whiten, choose the right product is the key!These 4 good white essence, worth collecting

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Winter is a good time to whiten skin care, this sentence is estimated that we have heard many times, want to whiten skin care, choose the right product is the key.The beautiful white kind on market protects skin to taste, it is to undertake action in the light of melanin, action path is different nevertheless, beautiful white effect also has certain difference.In addition, whitening skin care products, even if it is a very mild product formula, may also stimulate the skin, want to start whitening skin care girls, must remember this!Today xiaobian will bring you 4 whitening essence, there is a need for skin care partners, must be optimistic about the product analysis and then start.EVM compound essence GF a whitening skin care, to a certain extent with anti-aging effect of the essence.For the common Asian female skin, dark and uneven complexion, skin relaxation and aging phenomenon.Through the EVM brand research light sensing technology, improve the problem of dull skin, mainly Sepiwhite, nicotinamide and double VC into groups, effectively affect the process of melanin synthesis and transport, accurate reduction of surface melanin deposition, coordinated with three channels whitening, fade skin acne spots, evenly brighten the color of skin.In addition, the formula ingredients are added to tighten patent ingredients, double peptide compound effect, enhance the skin tight elastic moist feeling.The overall formula system of this essence is mainly mild, in addition to a lot of soothing ingredients, relatively speaking, it is also a whitening essence for sensitive muscles.It is easy to absorb water and not sticky after use. It is suitable for multiple skin types.Under the premise of confirming the skin tolerance to nicotinamide, whitening and tight skin care, it is very good to choose.City wild doctor 377 essence whitening light spot essence, the presence of the main beam.This essence is also popular for many years, the distribution has been improved and updated.As a whole, 377 ingredients are mainly used to assist other whitening ingredients to complete the whitening and lightening pathway and form a more comprehensive and effective whitening and brightening effect.The 377 ingredients specially developed in the essence, as well as VC AAPS, attack the formation of melanin from the source, and assist the antioxidant brightening effect.The precise combination of the two ingredients can achieve 1.5 times the whitening and refreshing effect of ordinary 377 ingredients.In addition, this essence also adds a variety of antioxidant extracts, and anti-glycosylation ingredients, focus on improving the dark yellow skin tone.For surface melanin stripping, the gentler action of A ester is used to accelerate whitening.Although this essence added a lot of soothing moisturizing ingredients, but there may be a strong sense of stimulating skin, must be tested before use.Emulsion essence, with a certain moisturizing power, suitable for multiple skin types.Special attention, use this essence at night, whitening effect is better.Clarins Light small porcelain vase is an essence product based on plant extracts, which can effectively avoid the stimulation of conventional whitening ingredients.On the basis of whitening essence ingredients, the cell capture oxygen technology is added to improve the cell oxygen content to achieve better whitening and skin care effect.The dual effect of plant extract and science and technology can improve the metabolism level of cells in the skin, effectively reduce the accumulation of dull substances, so as to improve the problem of dull skin.Although it is a plant formula system, the whitening and skin care effect of this essence is not at a discount.In blocking melanin formation, preventing transport and accelerating the reduction of three aspects of the full effect, not only to avoid the problem of ingredient intolerance, but also strengthen the effective skin care goals.The essence is white light milk with slight moisturizing power and is suitable for all types of skin.There is no obvious irritant in the formula, sensitive muscles and dry skin can also be used.Scientific research of Ou Laiya sends white elite to be in medium 100 yuan price product with effect elite, its beautiful white path is to cover relatively comprehensive, can fight with melanin in the round product.Through the action of classic 377 ingredients, ellagic acid and VE derivatives, targeting melanin precursors, effectively inhibit melanin production.In addition, compound nicotinamide and accelerated cutin metabolism stripping into groups, effectively desalinate melanin has formed, more effective whitening skin.Formula ingredients at the same time combined with soothing moisturizing effect, reduce the performance of inflammatory dull color.High fluidity milk feels quality of a material, go up face existence feeling is very low, add alcohol to mediate inside, big oily skin qualitative also is very good with it.The skin barrier is stable, and for skin that can tolerate the active ingredients, try this essence.Comprehensive whitening light spot effect visible to the naked eye.And this speech can be used in the morning and evening, and can strengthen the whitening and brightening effect.Pay attention to koalas and help you plant grass/clear mines/look at ingredients/evaluate on your way to beauty.Statement: original text, some pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.