The second day of the lunar New Year, the first day to work

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On February 2nd, nonyl Yin annual lunar calendar, New Year first day, Spring Festival dining room first meal with surprise, actually each person can get a free gift, is I didn’t know, my dear cousin remind festival holiday can’t blame the canteen staff do not say, have only themselves to blame didn’t watch carefully, the warmth of the old ShuiTie remind nobody see at ordinary times, oneself originally is also the, you will also missAlthough that hint is posted a little low, almost the kindness of the leaders are missed, in this reminder of tomorrow to go to work, don’t miss the breakfast oh, in front of the cashier.According to the scheduling requirements, after receiving hospitalized specimens to the emergency laboratory reinforcements, the New Year and new weather, before the shift, almost did not understand, the saying is old and new, so there are always new things and new ways to constantly appear, how to row how to do is.Specimens of today, only about a third of at ordinary times, receiving specimen is my old job over the past two years, is familiar with, originally wanted just receive finished bottom go to, but I heard the following instrument speed is slow, so a batch of samples down to do a long time, and because some of the emergency project only in the above do, simply they finished first, colleagues help,One person can operate three or four instruments.Year at work (the day before yesterday, and last year), blood coagulation instrument alarm bulb, make relevant personnel to change a light bulb, colleagues said yesterday or not, so I looked at it a bit today, afraid to hear the shrill alarm, also good, instrument is very good, a bit not discontinued, finish the work very successfully, finally all done, it’s 9:30, and during the call to the emergency department,Give me a call if you’re too busy.Emergency laboratory window in the staff to collect nucleic acid must go through the road, happened to meet a lot of rest days back to collect nucleic acid colleagues, big New Year, we wish each other New Year, especially the current dean and the former dean, heart feel warm, in addition to say happy New Year, we still have a common problem “how are you here today?”It’s been four years since I moved to the new hospital. This is the first time FOR me to work here, and everything is strange to me. I feel like an invalid.Thirty to annual lunar calendar, in addition to the upstairs pediatrician with department of gynaecology, other TingZhen, so the entire second floor is very cold and cheerless, emergency, however, the same way as usual, use the hustle and bustle to describe as if is not too much, workload and peacetime should also is the same as the emergency inspection, because of a stranger, when being asked where B to exceed, where is the toilet, can only be very embarrassed to say I don’t know,Or let them go back and ask the doctor, fortunately everyone did not blame, big New Year’s day are more easy to talk, but also have a quarrel, according to the sound to see once, a group of dark pressure, only hear a high decibel female voice, do not know, but for a while also stopped.”Two people together to tell the truth, three people together to gossip, four people together crap”, so he is very reasonable, communication can know, we always want to live, work environment and a little, but if can’t change anything, and only ourselves to adapt to, efforts can solve some problems, but it can’t solve all the problems,The last emperor of the Ming Dynasty was acknowledged to be diligent, but he still failed to avoid the demise of the Ming Dynasty, because there were too many problems accumulated in front of him, but later generations were just and let him enter the Temple.Used to a radish a pit, such a person many posts, such upstairs downstairs is not adapted to, fortunately also this day, Ming, the day after tomorrow and rest, when going to work again, although still a person many posts, but should not upstairs downstairs.