“12” summary (1) | insufficient strength is called flints, chamberlain said the farther the more left

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It has been 20 years since the first World Cup in 2002 for the Chinese national men’s football team. During the five World Cup qualifiers, each one was a triumph and a defeat.We have to admit that The Chinese national football team has been left behind by the traditional Asian teams. Their high pressure closing down and high tempo of attack and defense have left the Chinese national football team in the dust.At the same time, the National football team in the same place, Vietnam, Thailand and other southeast Asian teams have risen, the National football team in Asia’s top 10 ranking is also feared to lose.The tactical design of the waste martial arts, the loose and lazy mental state and the talent shortage, so that the National football team has fallen into the abyss but can not see the bottom, more terrible than despair is not to see the hope.In the world Preliminary round, China recorded 1 win, 3 draws and 6 losses, accumulating 6 points and ranking fifth in Group B, scoring 9 goals and losing 19.Compared to the last round of the Big 12 (3 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses, 12 points, fifth place, 8 goals scored and 10 lost), China scored 6 fewer points, performed equally in attack, but conceded 9 more goals on defense.Visible, national foot attack without progress at all, defense is a substantial regression.Detailed to the technical statistics, more can highlight the disparity between the national football team and the Asian strong team strength.In the 10 matches, The National football Team only has the possession rate of more than 50% when visiting Vietnam and Oman. The possession rate of the hosts against Japan is 30% and 37% respectively, the possession rate of the hosts against Australia is 39% and 35% respectively, and the possession rate of the hosts against Saudi Arabia is 26% and 44% respectively.The traditional Three Asian powers are completely overwhelmed by the National football team.To add to the desperation, China has gone without a shot on target in four of its 10 top-12 matches, including two against Japan.In the home match against Saudi Arabia in the 9th round, the ball possession rate of the whole court was 26%, and 2 shots were scored, which was the worst offensive and defensive data of the National team in a single game during the round of 12.Facing Vietnam and Oman, the relatively weak team in the group, The National football team was not able to gain the upper hand in the scene, but was also confused by the opponent’s small and quick playing style.On the first day of the New Year, China lost 3-1 to Vietnam, which once again confirmed the rise of southeast Asian football power represented by Thailand and Vietnam, and China’s men’s football team also slipped into the abyss.And the final round of the round of 12 visit Oman, China’s national football team the whole field 7 shots did not even a shot on target.China’s physical advantage over Southeast Asian players and speed advantage over second-rate teams in West Asia have all gone.In the last round of 12, China recorded two wins, two draws and one loss at home, one win, one draw for South Korea and Iran, and one win, one draw and three losses on the road.This year’s round of 12, due to the impact of the epidemic, The National football Team moved its home to West Asia, with a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss. During the round of 12, the only victory was a 3-2 last-minute winner against Vietnam.Undeniably, lack of home advantage, is the national football World Cup failure of a major factor.However, the guest team lost all 5 games, scored 3 goals and lost 13 goals, the guest team Vietnam and Oman were all defeated, the guest team Japan and Australia completely lost the ability to defend, once again exposed the lack of hard strength, will quality of the short board.In fact, both the former coach Li Tie and the current coach Li Xiaopeng adopted the conservative strategy of five backs when facing the three strong teams of Japan, Australia and Saudi Arabia, and even had 9 players hoarding the back field to defend the whole line. Defensive counterattack has become the main tactics of The National football Team during the round of 12.However, there is no counter-attack, so that the National football team in a round of clearing into the opponent’s continuous attack, there is no fight back, and finally can only fall in despair.The naked eye is visible fact: The National football team has not seen the “taillight” of the Asian teams all the way, more embarrassing is that the perennial underdogs have now caught up, or even surpassed.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send pictures | visual Chinese coordinating editor | Wei Chaoran