18 years old college students crooked neck for many years hengyang City central hospital spinal surgery difficult surgery to help its head straight

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Hongnet moment Hengyang On January 27 (correspondent Yang Hang reporter Tan Qian) 18-year-old Tang (pseudonym) is a bright smile at college students, usually whether sitting, standing, walking, neck can not help but the deviation, this situation let tang is very troubled.Over the years, tang parents took her to a number of hospitals conservative treatment, the effect is not ideal, after many inquiries, recently came to hengyang City central hospital orthopedics a district for medical treatment, doctors after receiving detailed inquiries, combined with the relevant auxiliary examination, the diagnosis of Tang (pseudonym) is “congenital muscular torticolis”.Recently, Xiao Tang (pseudonym) successfully carried out the left sternocleidomastoid muscle contracture thoracic bone + clavicular head cutting + sternocleidomastoid muscle adhesion release + incision cosmetic suture operation in this department.After careful nursing, the patient recovered well, the patient and his family are very satisfied with the operation effect, now wear braces and discharged.According to the introduction, “congenital muscular torticollis” the most common reason is the birth of children before the birth of the fetus is not correct, head and neck distortion, neck muscle blood supply disorders, muscle deformation, gradually contracture, causing the balance of the muscles on both sides of the neck disorders, the head is biased to the contracture side, the formation of head and neck oblique.In the normal epidemic prevention and control period, Hengyang City Central Hospital orthopedics district 1 retrograde, constantly challenging the spine surgery difficult high-risk surgery, climb a new peak.