After tearing the network diaphragm outflow shadow, the cure of network violence

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Be forewarned: the games mentioned in this article are not suitable for minors or players with a history of mental illness.An elusive game is making waves in the live stream.In this game, you will have a very cute girlfriend.Does that sound appealing to you?What if this girl has a little bit of mental illness, a little bit of heavy love for you, wants to be together all the time, even when she’s not around, expects you to respond at any time, and never leave you?Sounds a little subtle, doesn’t it?What makes it even more special is that this girl is your dark and sweet girlfriend, but also an anchorwoman who can “transform”.In this game named “anchor girl heavily dependent”, you need to play the role of such a girl named “Sugar sugar” boyfriend and producer “P”, with Sugar sugar through a period of 30 days of anchor life: weekdays with her “communication”, to help her arrange daily life;At work, I will help her to run a live streaming account named “Chaojue Cutest Angel Sauce” (hereinafter referred to as Chaotian Sauce), helping her become a big anchor with millions of fans.As a nurturing game, the gameplay is actually quite classical, relying on the mouse to arrange everything.The art style is also retro and should not look like much.So, this gameplay is not special, set elements are also a little “sick jiao”, “dark” strange game, what kind of people are concerned about?This group of people, it is the virtual host and their fans.Virtual Uploader refers to a host who contributes articles on video websites using an avatar. They use a motion capture system to present themselves as a paper person.Since 2016, love has become a trend on Youtube.Even CAI Ming teacher (yes, that is the CAI Ming you think) so we are familiar with the actor also specialized in “virtual debut”.Now the live broadcasting platforms of websites such as Small broken station even specially opened up new sections for them, and uncle also made a lot of money by relying on a large number of virtual anchors.So what makes this group and their fans interested in the game?You know, Candy Candy is not even a real “virtual anchor”, she is dressed up as another person live broadcast.The key to the problem may lie in the deadly sense of realism conveyed in the game.For virtual anchors, many of the Settings in the game are very similar to what they would experience in real life.In a game, if you produce content properly and carefully, it will grow very slowly.But if you’re willing to broadcast a few “perks”, it’s easy to reach the ultimate goal of millions of followers.And this is the pain point of some new small anchor — not everyone a good “sell welfare” abacus, just do so to the fastest money.At the same time, they will try to solve all kinds of problems encountered in the live broadcast of “Chaotianjiang” based on their own live broadcast experience, with a full sense of substitution.If virtual anchors themselves are “replicating themselves”, then for fans of virtual anchors, playing this game is like training their favorite virtual anchors in person.Although Tang-tang’s personality is incredibly difficult for most people: she is like a person with bipolar disorder, and although she tries to be as cute as possible on the air as a personality switch, she is often emotionally unstable in daily life.But she does exactly what her boyfriend/producer — the player — says.She’ll do anything you tell her to do, from mundane routines to overly demanding “20 days in a row.”The joy of absolute control is overwhelming.Of course, the game’s plot is so “real” that reviews of the game are not without fans.Some players, after dating Sugar Candy and sadly realizing that they will never be the “P” in the game, wrote poems lamenting the darkness of capitalism in the comments section.The poem was even shared on Twitter by the author himself.Chaotianjiang is like a kaleidoscope of a network anchor’s career, while the game itself is like a huge, dark projection of the online world.In the course of playing, you will see that chaotian Jiang was “rolled” with red SC (Super Chat) at the first live broadcast, some people will say “really ugly” in the makeup live broadcast, and some people will tell her to “look at her brain” under her happy microblog.Although in the numerous bullets, this bit of malice looks insignificant, but to accept all these, chaotianjiang behind the “sugar sugar”, every bad comment will become her pressure and darkness.And the psychology originally not quite healthy candy candy, also can because of these dark accumulate day by day and move toward dangerous ending.In the new world constituted by the network, people cover themselves with layers of skin, just as Tangtang uses the skin of “super heaven sauce” to bear malice instead of themselves.At the same time, in today’s increasingly stressful life, people are not afraid to vent their malevolence to the network.But a lot of times, when people are pouring malice across the net, they don’t even realize that it’s not just an empty symbol that’s receiving it.It is the same “person” reading those hurtful words at the other end of the net.He’s hurt, he’s angry, he’s sad, he’s bitter.This is hard not to let a person associate with some real events, far small broken station singing “Neuuuuu” under the vicious siege of netizens suicide, near the boy liu Xuezhou in search of relatives by the unrighteous media and network violence choose to die.Such events seem to have left enough scars in the world, but after the heat of the event nothing seems to have changed.Candy candy and she played “super day sauce”, although there are all kinds of troubles, shadows, suffered all kinds of unreasonable malice and abuse, even will secretly diss their own hated audience.But even so, she is still trying to live, and even more optimistic than expected.A lot of players who were just directed at the “anchorwoman” at first, in the process of the game, they also produced goodwill towards her, and gradually hoped to change her decadent life and move towards a happy normal life with her.This desire may be due to the psychedelic world of Anchor Girl Heavily Dependent, which is trying to tear apart the distance created by the network and make the player truly aware of the existence of “people”.Even though the title song of the game says, “This is a ray of light that illuminates chaos and the Internet of The Times.”But “Anchor Girl Heavily Dependent” is more like a bright shadow.It presents darkness in a very real and depressing way.The display may be “disgusting,” “cruel,” or downright uncomfortable.But when we are aware of the darkness, we can all choose to be the Lou Cat Apostle, asthma Conqueror, the Chosen One of the Light flute from The Beginning, to use our little light to illuminate others and give the world a little warmth.