Linxiang: “Peace secretary” rooted in the grassroots to protect peace

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Have so a group of “secretary” he (she) is not the secretary is the heart of the people he (she) like a secretary of the secretary is not, however, with the secretary of the dedication in the crowd around him (she) is not secretary but it with the secretary of the cultivation in the village affairs, he (she) is the secretary of the “peace” from the city attorney for linxiang city’s a major safety construction to write down for days,In order to further consolidate the mass foundation of peace construction, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate sent 20 “Peace secretaries” to Taolin town and Zhongfang Town to carry out “Peace secretaries” visits, and the “peace secretaries” took root in the grassroots to carry out peace construction work.”Don’t be impatient. The village has already known your opinions and demands and will certainly help you solve the problem.””New York 毑, how are you these days, let me help you choose food.”This is the daily work of Liu Jinxin, the village secretary of Peace.His name is Liu Jinxin, linxiang City procuratorate bailiff brigade captain, is also taolin town old Li village stationed in the village of “peace secretary”.He goes out early and comes home late every day, insists on going to the house, explains the law knowledge carefully, patiently regulates the neighborhood conflicts, and is enthusiastic about solving the problems for the villagers.”The” Secretary of Peace “of the procuratorate often comes to us to publicize the law, prevent fraud (and other knowledge), but also teach me how to use the anti-fraud APP to distinguish fraud information, we benefit a lot, very safe.”Tao Lin town old Li village villager Lu Jianhui said.”No shortage of village, without leakage, a lot of people,” are you the basic requirement of the secretary of the “peace” of its own, secretary of the city’s procuratorate and the peace of the actively advocate “peace building”, walked into the people’s side, continue to carry out the franco-prussian propaganda and pairing support activity, the crowd on safe knowledge, let them be your chief security officer.What are the main responsibilities of the secretary of Ping an?”Ping an Secretary” mainly assists villages (communities) in “being a good legal adviser, participating in visiting and receiving the masses, participating in regulating grass-roots autonomy, guiding and urging its key personnel to control, help and teach services” and other related work.An Overview of the “Peace Secretary” Campaign?In accordance with the “Linxiang City peace construction” “three for three” activities implementation plan “document requirements, by the political and legal units of the city’s 161 villages (communities) each equipped with a” secretary of peace.Since February this year, the People’s Procuratorate of Linxiang city has sent 20 “Peace secretaries” to taolin town and Zhongfang Town to carry out “peace secretaries” to visit the work.Source: Linxiang People’s Procuratorate