Seeing the high bonus of women’s football, I began to worry a little, please don’t ruin our women’s football team

2022-06-10 0 By

China’s women’s football team has lifted the Asian Cup again by beating South Korea in 93 minutes.Can only say two words “aggressive”, the rest is all can not pass the review, there is no way, too excited.Just after the Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam, the women’s football team beat Japan and South Korea to win the Asian Cup.Lift it up. Really lift it up.But after seeing the high bonuses of the women’s soccer girls, there is really a bit of worry.Here to say an aside, we do not have to because of the excellent women’s football to pull the men’s football too much.The men’s and women’s teams are the products of two very different systems, even where they belong.China’s men’s team is directly controlled by the Chinese Football Association (CFA), which has been heavily funded for years.The department directly under the Chinese women’s football team is the General Administration of Sport of China, which is more like a structure within the system.But that’s why, despite consistently good results, women’s soccer’s earnings have been stagnant.I remember that wang Shuang donated a year’s annual salary during the COVID-19 outbreak.While seeing Wang shuang’s good deeds, we also saw that as a top player of women’s football, Wang Shuang’s annual salary was only 600,000 yuan.To put it crudely, there are a lot of girls twisting their backs on various platforms every night, earning a lot more than Wang Shuang, let alone the average female soccer player.As a result, there are also many people calling for an increase in the income of women football players to redress the injustice of women football players.In fact, it is clear to all that it is unrealistic to increase the income of women’s football team by relying on state subsidies. In principle, the rewards after such matches are too small a drop in the water to be equally distributed.In order to improve the overall income of women’s football players, only by allowing capital to come in can a rising tide lift all boats and allow women to earn commensurate salaries.But here’s the question: will women’s football still be women’s football after the influx of capital?I have mentioned in many articles that any project that wants to be truly big and strong must have capital to pry.But our country has developed so fast in the last 30 or 40 years that most of our capital is not very mature.Examples of killing the goose that lays the golden egg can be found everywhere. Far from it, after looking at real estate from capital, is the biggest use of the house still living?In fact, men’s football is a living example. It was originally a virtuous circle of steady rise, but after the capital saw the crazy influx of profits, the income of football players did go up in a straight line, but the performance went down in a straight line.Because after capital enters, capital is to make money, so all directions are based on profit maximization.Sure, there’s money to be made by building the infrastructure and going up steadily, but few people are willing to invest for the long term now that there’s a way to make quick money.So that’s why I rarely criticize men’s football. What’s wrong is just this era. These people in front of us are just drifting along with the tide of capital, they are not the real cause of the decline of men’s football.We’ve all seen men’s football players and coaches make a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to the capital they have behind them.The prize money for winning the women’s soccer team this time is a record breaker, said to be as much as 40 million yuan, and the figure is likely to continue to increase.In addition to the bonuses given by the state, there are a large number of enterprises, consortia have generously donated their money.To be honest, I also hope that these enterprises and financial groups will pay real money to reward women’s football, just to rub off on the heat to do a publicity, but I really smell a hint of capital to gold women’s football taste.With the results and popularity of The Chinese men’s soccer team at its lowest level since 2010, there is little room for capital to continue to make a difference.By contrast, the women’s soccer team has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s top teams, despite fluctuations.Domestic football fans have also transferred their enthusiasm for Chinese football to the women’s football team, so the heat will be profitable, and the capital will have a reason to kill in.To be honest, I was really conflicted at this time. On the one hand, I wanted to let our girls earn more money, and on the other hand, I was really worried that these immature capital would tarnish the last pure land of Chinese football.I’m really worried that when they come in, the women’s team will no longer be our women’s team, but will go the way of the Chinese men’s team.In that case, Chinese football may indeed become a term of history.Sometimes I also think, or simply continue to wronged the girls of the women’s football team, let the State General Administration of Sports continue to tough guard, temporarily blocked the way of capital entry.Let these capital continue to grow in men’s football, in other words, let them first men’s football huo Huo.Let them enter women’s football after they mature and know that long-term investment is the most stable.Let’s make less money, so we have heroes to look up to.