What is your annual income for an Audi A4L?Is 6000 yuan a month enough?Car owner: It’s very difficult

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Nowadays, cars have become one of the necessary means of transportation in our life, which improves the efficiency of travel and makes our life convenient. The car ownership in China has exceeded 400 million and is still increasing. With the improvement of living standards, many people begin to buy luxury brand cars.BBA these three brands are the representatives of luxury brands, among which Audi has a high sales volume in the Chinese market. In addition to Audi A6L, Audi A4L also has a good performance. Among luxury B-class cars, Audi A4L has a very strong comprehensive strength.Audi A4L compared with BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class, the price is slightly cheaper, cost-effective, the price is about 300,000 yuan, now many office workers also drive audi A4L.However, even if it is a luxury entry model, the price of Audi A4L is also around 300,000 yuan, and as a luxury brand, the later maintenance cost is not low.So how much does it cost to keep an Audi A4L for a year?Can you afford an Audi A4L with a monthly salary of 6000?The late car charge includes oil cost, insurance premium, maintenance and maintenance cost, wash fare and other fragmentary expenses cost.First of all, let’s look at the fuel cost. According to the usual transportation, the mileage of a car is about 20,000 kilometers a year, and the average fuel consumption of Audi A4L is about 9L per 100 kilometers, so the annual fuel consumption is 1800 liters. If the average fuel consumption of 95 is 8 yuan per liter, the annual fuel expenditure is 14,400 yuan.The insurance premium is calculated at an average of 6000 yuan per year.If an Audi A4L travels 20,000 kilometers a year, it will be maintained for about 3 times. The cost of each maintenance is about 1,000 yuan, and the annual maintenance cost is 3,000 yuan.There is also washing fare, parking fees, high-speed fees and other piecemeal expenses, integrated also a lot, about 4000 yuan a year.Therefore, the maintenance cost of Audi A4L is 14,400 yuan for oil + 6,000 yuan for insurance + 3,000 yuan for maintenance + 4,000 yuan for petty expenses, totaling 27,400 yuan, or 2,283 yuan per month on average.That is to say, if you buy a car in full payment, the monthly salary of 6000 yuan is still ok if you only use the car, but if it is a loan, this salary is obviously not enough.Moreover said, the living cost is relatively high now, if the office worker may also have a mortgage, then 6000 yuan to keep a car is absolutely not enough.If the monthly income is divided into two parts, one is the life, one is the car, then the living expenses and mortgage is best to have 10,000 yuan of protection, and the car cost is about 3,000 yuan, then a month at least need 13,000 yuan of income.That is to say, it is best to have an income of 150,000 yuan a year to ensure a relaxed life, so as not to reduce the quality of life because of raising an Audi A4L.