About a “random shipment” laptop

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We bought a total of three types of “Thousand Yuan Rubbish” before, and today is the last one and the most ridiculous one.Its main selling point is the “lottery” : you don’t know what your computer will look like until you pay for it, and you’ll get what you receive.But it will not really cheat money, sending configuration is guaranteed, will not send you a paper notebook out.So we paid 1080 yuan and received the machine.So how did the Blind Litter do?Today we will make a simple analysis: Dairui R12Pro fuselage left fuselage right its configuration is as follows:Celeron N5095 processor 8GB 2933MHz memory 256GB SSD 15.6 inches 1920×1080 resolution 45%NTSC color gamut TN screen battery capacity 50Wh thick 22.5-23.2 mm body weight 1.7kg adapter weight157G is currently priced at 1080 yuan. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: advantages!1, super low price 2, zero noise, quiet operation 3, random delivery, bring the disadvantages of opening the blind box stimulation!1, the screen quality is very poor 2, the performance is very poor 3, the adapter charging slowly, and the battery life is short.This laptop is easy to disassemble, remove the D shell screw, remove the back cover.It is equipped with a single-channel 8GB DDR4 2933MHz memory that meets basic requirements and cannot be replaced onboard.The SSD capacity of the test machine is 256GB, the brand is Jincunxing, and it supports SATA-III speed, which can meet the basic requirements. A 2.5-inch SATA disk is reserved for the machine, which can be replaced if necessary.The biggest feature of DAIRyR12Pro is random delivery. We took a picture of the 14 inch 8+128GB version, and received a 15.6 inch 8+256GB machine, which is absolutely amazing.It’s a 1080p screen, but it’s a TN screen.Color gamut volume 54.6%sRGB, color gamut coverage 54.3%sRGB, poor quality.In terms of interfaces, there is a USB2.0, 3.5mm audio interface and SD card slot on the left side of the fuselage, and a USB3.0, miniHDMI and USB Type-C(2.0 rate) on the right side of the fuselage. The interface rate is low, but there are many kinds.In terms of endurance, it scored 3 hours and 43 minutes on the PCmark10 test.In terms of noise, this computer has no fan, so zero noise.These laptops are cheap and insightful, but if you really want to buy them, I don’t recommend them because the performance is awful.If you’re on a low budget, I recommend buying a used computer.The above picture is the actual disassembly picture of Dai Rui R12 Pro. The combination without fan and heat pipe is used for heat conduction with a piece of copper plate.For the light and light version without unique display, we used a low load Stress CPU for Stress testing.In the full load state, the CPU temperature is up to 94℃ and stable at 91℃. The power consumption is about 7W and the frequency remains at 2.0GHz. The power consumption is too low to reach the maximum core core frequency.The surface temperature of the back of the oven is shown in the figure above. The highest key cap of the keyboard is 45.7℃ at the upper right of the keyboard. The WASD key area is 26.9℃ and the arrow key is 40.2℃.The temperature of the left wrist rest is 25.1℃, and the center point of the back is 34.2℃.Overall, the dre R12Pro’s heat dissipation performance is moderate. Although the left side of the keyboard is cool, the right side is very hot, and the core temperature is relatively high.We bought three total, and this is the third type.After playing with all three computers, my impression is that they all look alike.The shortcomings of these three computers are very similar: 1, the performance is very poor, so bad that the Office metropolis card.2, the screen is lousy, low gamut is standard.3. There is no guarantee for brands. They are all non-mainstream brands.When I tested the lowest-equipped computer, which was also a Core i3/ Pentium processor, I was reminded of the netbooks of those days.If I am not idle and have nothing to do in the future, I will not touch this kind of notebook again. I hope they die early and surpass life, and make a flagship computer in the afterlife.