Awesome guy, not afraid to make fun of his past

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A few years ago, I was sent by the company to do a long-term project in another place. Because of the long time, the company and the hotel agreed on the weekend that they would send a certain amount of catering vouchers, with which I could have a meal in the hotel restaurant.After a period of time, I save a lot of food stamps, please local students to the hotel to eat a meal, in order to show the welfare of the company well, I ordered a lot of food, and deliberately to show off the meal coupon when checkout, my dinner can submit an expense account, in fact you know, it’s only yourself save food stamps.Looking back on it now, I think my behavior was really stupid. We were all classmates. In the end, I was just an ordinary employee, and I had no right to sign orders for meals.02. I think WHEN I realized how silly I was, I was a little more advanced than I was then.How people realize their progress is that they suddenly realize that some of their past behaviors are silly, and understand the truth that they did not understand in the past, which is the embodiment of their progress.Look at my children now, my child often drop to the ground for a piece of candy and felt very sad, as if days falling down, I think this is the stage of development, he now is his lovely place now, wait until he grew up, looking back on it today, will think, in those days how so silly, incredibly will go crying for a piece of candy.That is why there is an old saying, “The hero Moti was brave in those days”. Once mentioned in those days, it means that he is not good now.Awesome people always make fun of their embarrassing past events and have the courage to make fun of their past. On the one hand, it shows that you are mature and don’t care about your past scars.On the other hand, you have moved on, those things did not constitute any impact on you, you are much better than then.If you’re constantly talking about the awesome self you used to be, it means you haven’t improved or even deteriorated over the years.For example, a person who has worked for ten years often talks about the school he graduated from. It is obvious that students with excellent grades are not doing well in the company and can only rely on the school to give them some confidence.Jack Ma never hides from the fact that he graduated from Hangzhou Normal University. Yu Minhong also joked in his speeches that he did badly in Peking University. He got sick, failed to stay in grade and often failed in chasing girls.Those who dare to make fun of their own past are truly powerful and are always pursuing to surpass themselves.04. All things of the age of the Internet has been developing rapidly, today is also the world famous brand, tomorrow may be overturned because of one small thing, and doing for accumulation, looking for a good track, at any time have the opportunity to play pavilion, success in the auto industry, for example, once the foreign brands, in China with Jane, assembling a standard will sell high, today’s era is over.Domestic cars have gained a lot of market share with high-end manufacturing technology and conscience configuration.I still remember the ford Mondeo was famous for its little Martin, but the manufacturing process was very rubbish, either the skylight leaked, or the smell of the car, and so on the 315 party.However, at that time, China’s car manufacturing industry was not so developed, so although it sold more than 200,000 yuan, it still sold very high. Now, the starting price of the new Mondeo has been reduced to more than 160,000 yuan, but there is still a discount, because with the same money, domestic cars may be made better, and Chinese people no longer need foreign car labels to prop up their confidence.So for the domestic car industry, we can laugh at our own helpless and painful years, but for foreign cars, they may have to reminisce about the past era of lying down.05 from now on, any industry, the era of lying to make money has passed, any enterprise and anyone must run, constantly beyond their own past, it is possible not to be eliminated.