Chinese wine culture is extensive and profound, how much do you know?

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This is the third interesting science popularization of “Open Eyes the World” zhang Jiashu/writing Zhang Jiashu/editor How to solve the problem, only Du Kang.China’s wine culture is extensive and profound, with five thousand years of continuous flow.A pot of wine mellow, from thousands of years ago to the present.Wine has become an indispensable drink in our life.So, how much do you know about traditional wine culture?Click “like” and “follow” to reveal the past life of wine with Brother Tree.China is the hometown of wine and the birthplace of wine culture. It is one of the earliest countries in the world to make wine.The brewing of wine has a long history in China.In the history of Thousands of years of Chinese civilization, the development of wine and culture was basically synchronous.According to relevant data records, the earliest wine on the earth, is the natural fermentation of wild fruit and become.Three or four thousand years ago, industrious ancestors invented brewing technology. It is recorded in The Book Shiben-Zao that as early as in the time of Yao and Shun, Lao began to make wine mash with five flavors.Mash is liquor juice and liquor residue mixed together, sweet wine.At that time, there were five tastes of wine: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy.The one that ferments day and night is called li, which has a thinner taste;Fermented for two days and nights, called mash, it has a thicker taste.When wine juice and lees are mixed together they are called fermented grains (P ē I), which is fermented wine.Throughout history, Chinese literature and artists have had a close relationship with wine.The most familiar is, Li Bai dou wine poems 100, li Bai addicted to wine, life to write countless poems, human atmosphere, tolerance.Wine is his best confidant, although wine also let Li Bai offended Gao Lux, ruined good career.However, it is also wine that makes him leave a valuable wealth for later generations.”Will enter the wine” in the “life must be happy, do not make the golden bottle empty to the moon”, only Li Bai so wine as a heroic person of life, to write such an unprecedented poem.We can also understand that the emergence of wine, mianmianzhizhi early arrangement.Thus it can be seen that wine is a clever thing between heaven and earth.Though it goes into the stomach, it does not satisfy hunger or thirst, but works on the mind.When the nerve cells are moistened with wine, they produce indescribable sensations, unlike those that precede drinking.Therefore, with wine in the world, human life has become rich and colorful, the history of human civilization has become colorful, added a lot of interesting scenery, life has added a long taste.Wine has become a culture and has its own rules.In ancient times, when the host and guest drank together, they would bow down to each other.Juniors drink alcohol in front of their elders, called shi Yin, usually to bow down first, and then sit in the second seat.The elder orders the younger generation to drink, the younger generation can raise a glass;The younger should not drink out of the elder’s cup before it is finished.In modern times, it is less complicated, usually by the host to make a toast;Juniors pour wine as a sign of respect;Toasts should be made in order, not this one and that one.At the same time, it reflects the essence of Chinese traditional culture, and the rich fragrance of wine is everywhere in the rolling history of Chinese civilization.In fact, Chinese ancient literati drinking, very pay attention to drink people, drink the land.Drink people, is elegant demeanor, forthright temperament bosom friend and former friend, the so-called “wine bosom friend thousand cups less”.Drinking ground refers to drinking places, with bamboo forests, painted pleasure boats, famous mountains, lotus pavilion and other places for the best.These fun, let a person aftertaste endless.If our ancestors had not invented winemaking, life in all dynasties would have become tasteless and tasteless, and there would be no cooking wine on heroes.It’s also a lot less fun to reminisce about the past.As a unique cultural carrier in 5000 years of civilization, wine occupies a unique position in the development of human history.Hot spots are not often, popular science says every day, pay attention to tree brother, update interesting knowledge every day.