Hometown Mogou, Shunjian Lake, Han Yu Mausoleum, four Huaiyao, Yellow River series (Meng Zhou)

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Introduction — The name originated from Mengzhou, following the records of ancient Mengjin in “Shang Shu · Yugong” : “(Da Yu) led the river to Mengjin in the east.”This is the earliest record of “Mengjin” in historical materials.”Meng”, big;”Jin”, ferry;Mengjin is the first ferry crossing in the lower reaches of the Yellow River.Hence the name, referred to as Meng.Mengzhou now belongs to Jiaozuo city of Henan Province.Huang Hetu XiangDongYan southern border runs through cause 26 kilometers west of the Yellow River since, here is the junction of the middle and lower reaches, the water of the Yellow River to relax, a large amount of sediment deposition, began to become the “hanging river”, the flood of Yellow River dike (left) out of the territory of cause Cao Dawang temple built, since ancient times have “li began in the Yellow River dike Meng County”.Mogou Is located in Xiguo Town, Mengzhou city, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. The lake here is blue and rippling, surrounded by green trees and grass. You can feel the charm of folk culture and experience a different holiday style.Strolling in Mogou Village with one scene one step at a time, the original ecological architecture with local flavor and the characteristic snacks that are soon forgotten give visitors a deeper understanding and perception of folk culture.The cave dwellings are scattered, and the scenery is different at four times. It has become one of the hot spots of rural leisure tourism.Here you can enjoy the idyllic scenery, recall the memory of your hometown, and touch the culture of farming.Mogou Village is surrounded by ditches on three sides and by water on one side, with a good ecological environment and rich traditional historical and cultural deposits. The village preserves many intact dwellings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, mottled brick carvings and weathered caves, which truly record the historical context of the rise and fall of a traditional Chinese ancient village.Shunjian Lake (ancient Zhoucheng) is located 14 kilometers northwest of Mengzhou city in Jiaozuo, Henan province, 75 kilometers away from jiaozuo urban area.Among them, the surface of the Shunjian Lake is more than 15,000 mu, the water is clear and deep, the water is as green as green, and the banks are stacked with mountains, which is like a picture.The ancient Zhou City, also known as the pilgrimage city for King Xiang of Zhou, is located in the south bank of Shunjian Lake, covering an area of 250,000 square meters. The walls around it are 8 meters high and 6 meters wide. It is made of rammed earth.Shunjian Lake is also called King of Heaven Lake. Legend has it that in 630 BC, King Xiang-he-Yangcheng of Zhou was in a depressed mood, so he often went to the lake to climb a mountain and shed tears on the lake.Standing on the ancient zhou City, but see around the mountains, thousands of mountains, green trees, weeping willows.Lake jiuqu 18 curved, a curved even a curved, curved view is different, shimmering, only boat, water birds flying, tianshui color.Big island, small slope, long ridge, short ridge, everywhere the scenery is infinite.If you stand on the opposite side of the lake and look at the ancient Zhou City, the whole city seems to have been built in the lake, with green bricks, red tiles, grey walls and green trees reflecting into the water, just like an ink painting.In addition, the lakeside Wangdu Pavilion, prince’s viewing platform, Thousand years old grave, Thousand years old bridge, waterside pavilion and other natural and cultural landscape embellishment, water and underwater, wave reflection, set off each other, mutual interest.Lake visitors, or punting, or paddling, around the lake and line, giving people to water qianlayer, wave qianlayer, island qianzhong feeling, making people relaxed and happy.Han Yu Mausoleum Is located on the Zijin hillside in the north of Hanzhuang Village, 6 kilometers west of Mengzhou City. It faces the Yellow River in the south and Taihang in the north, surrounded by hills and green cypresses.It is the tomb of Han Yu, a famous writer, thinker, politician and educator in tang Dynasty.Built in Changqing four years ago, about 1200 years of history.The main buildings of the cemetery are archway, sacred way, stone steps, mountain gate, restaurant hall, tablet corridor, sculpture, exhibition hall, pavilion, imposing imposing manner, “Tang Bai Shuang Qi” lush green.The China International Institute of Korean Studies is located here.Shendao tablet is Han Yu’s protege Huang Fu is writing, stating han Yu’s life experience, tomb examination tablet is a scholar in the Qing Dynasty writing, yangyang more than two thousand words, check ancient lian today, stating the research of Han Yu’s cemetery after.Behind with seven ancient poems forty rhyme ode.The two cypresses in front of Han Yu’s tomb are relics of the Tang Dynasty (617-907). They were planted when the tomb was built more than 1,170 years ago.After more than a thousand years of wind and frost, it is still full of vitality, majestic and vigorous, lofty and luxuriant, known as “Tang bai Shuangqi”.It is one of the eight scenes of Meng State.Meng is located in the lower reaches of qinhe River, bordering the Yellow River in the south and taihang in the north. The soil is fertile and the temperature difference between the four seasons is obvious. It has long had the traditional habit of planting rehmannia, Niu Genu, Yam and chrysanthemum.Rehmannia glutinosa is a common Chinese herbal medicine.Fresh rehmannia roaster, called raw, has a very high effect of clearing heat and cooling blood.”Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” said it: long take light body not old, good living.Modern record about data, bosom rehmannia still has the effect with adrenal cortical hormone similar.After processing cooked rehmannia, health blood, liver and kidney, fill bone marrow, long muscle, is a good tonic.Achyranthes bidentata is named for its knobby stem and medicinal root.The effect of niugenu is very high, the main lumbar kidney, meridian, broken silt huoxue, elimination of stagnation, clear li erpoop.”Shennong Materia Medica” will be listed as top grade, said long wear light old.Li Shizhen, a famous pharmacist in Ming Dynasty, said: This book is also known as one hundred times, and its medicinal effect is as powerful as cattle.Modern medicine believes that achyranthes bidentata to the uterus, intestines have a certain strengthening contraction and analgesic effect.Antihypertensive effect on the cardiovascular system.It also plays a role in peripheral blood vessel dilation.Fresh huai Yam, round and slender root block, edible.Juice less powder more, fried unbeaten, sweet and delicious, its nutrition in the crown of vegetables.It is an ideal delicacy to entertain guests at a feast for Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year.Dried Chinese yam has the functions of invigorating the spleen and tonifying the deficiency, nourishing the essence and strengthening the kidney, and treating all kinds of deficiency and injuries.Modern science believes that huai Yam is rich in starch, glycoprotein, choline, vitamin C and other nutrients, which is a good food for nourishing and strengthening the body.Yam eggs are just as effective as root cubes.Huai chrysanthemum, flowers, leaves, stems can be used as medicine.Ancient medicine believes that with chrysanthemum heaven and earth of the clear gas, containing the gold water of the elite, dew frost, by four gas, good qingjiao evil heat, shufeng detoxification, liver, eyes, stomach, limbs, thirst disinfection.Long service benefits blood and qi, light resistance to old age, prolong life.Modern clinical reports: tea brewed with boiled water has obvious curative effect on hypertension, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.Later meng State in the Xia Dynasty was the fief of Meng Tu, known as meng Tu State.In the Shang, Zhou period for the gi inland.When King Wu of The Zhou Dynasty ji Fa attacked the king zhou, eight hundred vassals were sent to the north bank of the Yellow River (now Jili District of Luoyang, before 1979 for the jurisdiction of Meng Zhou) for the ferry of Meng Jin, also known as Fuping Jin.The beginning of the week here called “alliance” called “to”.This is the hometown of Han Yu, the first of the eight masters of tang and Song Dynasties.Great America Henan, great America Jiaozuo, great America Meng welcome you!