Spring ploughing preparation from south to north gradually spread out

2022-06-11 0 By

CCTV network news (news broadcast) : do not miss the time to live spring.Spring ploughing preparation from the south to the north is unfolding, all around the tight grasp of farming, to ensure a good harvest of grain throughout the year.A rice transplanter shuttles through a field in Wenchang, Hainan province, as early rice planting begins in southern China.This year, local villagers have been provided with order planting and transplanting to improve planting efficiency.Guangdong also entered the spring ploughing time, this year’s spring sowing area of more than 30 million mu, an increase of 370,000 mu, in order to prevent drought, the local added 140,000 water-saving irrigation equipment.Science and technology help spring ploughing.In Yuanjiang, hunan’s main rice producing area, the area of early rice reached 650,000 mu. Before spring ploughing, they planted green fertilizer such as Chinese milk veg and wax rape in the paddy fields. This pattern reduced the use of chemical fertilizer and made the rice more fragrant.Meishan, a city in Sichuan province, is experimenting with a new model of soybean and corn interplanting, adding 3.1 million mu of interplanting area this year.Hebei, Henan and other major winter wheat producing areas have entered the green season, and local authorities are stepping up field management to lay a solid foundation for a bumper harvest.Shaanxi province has started spring irrigation in response to low rainfall, and plans to complete 5 million mu of irrigation area by the end of May.Northeast China has entered the ploughing season. In the fields of Jilin and Heilongjiang, large agricultural machines are preparing the land and spreading fertilizer to add “oil” to the black land. This year, the organic fertilizer applied to high-standard farmland comes from livestock excrement and waste straw, which is taken from the field and fed back to the land.In order to ensure this year’s spring ploughing preparation needs, the national supply and marketing cooperative system actively with upstream key production enterprises to carry out production and marketing docking, increase the preparation of fertilizer efforts.This year, the country will increase a certain scale of summer fertilizer temporary reserve, all in place by the end of February.