China freight blue book released automatic transmission heavy truck into efficient logistics new trend

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On November 25, 2021, based on the vehicle operation monitoring data resources in the “National Road Freight Vehicle Public Supervision and Service Platform”, chang ‘an University, The Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Foton Daimler, Zhongjiaoxing Road and other units,And the “2021 China Road Freight Development Blue Book” jointly compiled with the statistical data of some other industries or departments was officially released.The publication of the blue book gives a true and comprehensive analysis of the overall situation of the development of China’s road freight transport, presents the basic laws and characteristics of the operation of the road freight industry, and explores the relationship between the road freight industry and transportation infrastructure, macro-economy and industrial development level.More importantly, after the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee clearly put forward the goal of “building a modern logistics system”, its in-depth mining and accurate analysis of data has played an important role in government decision-making, enterprise operation and industry development, and will strongly promote the scientific construction of China’s modern logistics system.With the development of the world economy and the progress of technology, modern logistics industry, as an important part of modern economy and the most economical and reasonable comprehensive service mode in the process of industrialization, is developing rapidly in the global scope.In 2020, China’s total social logistics is 300.1 trillion yuan, and the total cost of social logistics is 14.9 trillion yuan. The ratio of total social logistics cost to GDP is 14.7%. Compared with developed countries, the total cost of social logistics is still high.Road freight, as an important part of the logistics transportation industry, connects and runs through the main line of the whole logistics supply chain. Relying on the popularity of intelligent logistics equipment, it has become the current main goal to drive the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.The efficient development of logistics industry depends on the participation of truck drivers.In the 1980s, lorry drivers were well paid to criss-cross the country.Lu Yao’s novel “Ordinary World” once described that even a county magistrate would not change the steering wheel.However, factors such as heavy labor intensity, poor working environment and low social status of truck drivers make the “post-90s and post-00s” groups shy away from truck drivers, forming an obvious age fault.In terms of age distribution, most of them are between 35 and 40 years old, followed by 40 to 45 years old, and the number of people aged between 20 and 25 is the least. The problem will become more serious in the future as “post-70” truck drivers gradually retire.Safety is the premise of high quality development of road freight transportation, and overspeed driving and long driving are the most important factors affecting transportation safety.According to blue Book of Road Freight Development in China 2021, the daily number of speeding alerts per vehicle of road freight vehicles showed a general trend of fluctuation in 2020, with an annual average of about 8.63 times/day.According to the comprehensive analysis of The Times of over-time driving warning and freight flow, The Times of overspeed and fatigue driving warning in Shandong, Hebei and Henan provinces are much higher than the average.Therefore, the freight industry needs safer and more comfortable transportation equipment to lay a solid foundation for the logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.At present, road freight enterprises are facing challenges such as declining prices, rising human costs and increasing financial pressure. New modes and new formats of road freight are emerging. Upgrading and transformation of traditional logistics industry is in urgent need of advanced technology and mode innovation.As the infrastructure to drive the development of intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation equipment is of great significance to the logistics industry to control costs, improve efficiency and benefit.Yun Mian, vice-president of the China Society of Logistics and executive director of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said: “The rising cost of factors in the logistics industry requires logistics companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs to form new benefit space.The advantages of automatic transmission heavy card in fuel saving and control are welcomed by the market, which will promote the upgrading of transportation equipment market and is the inevitable choice of reducing cost and increasing efficiency in the industry.”From the development of the global automatic heavy truck market, Europe and North America and other mature tractor market since the end of the 1990s began to introduce automatic transmission, automatic heavy truck share has reached 95%.In China, Auman has pioneered, promoted and led the rapid development of China’s automatic heavy card market since 2019. The market share of automatic heavy card has risen from 0.3% in 2019 to 13% in 2021. Auman’s market share in China continues to take the lead, with one out of every two automatic heavy cards sold.Li Jian, brand vice president of Foton Motor Group and brand director of Foton Daimler said: “As the leader of automatic heavy transmission card in China, we are committed to creating the leading equipment for users with lower cost and higher efficiency.For example, one of our customers in Zhangjiakou changed 100 sets of Auman automatic transmission in 2020, which is about 3 oil lower on average than the other vehicles used before. According to the annual driving of 200,000 kilometers, a car speeds up 40,000 oil less in a year, and 100 cars are nearly 4 million.In the future, we will continue to rely on the strength of our products to win the user ‘value war’ in the era of automatic transmission heavy card.”With the iteration of technology, the intelligent development of commercial vehicles has entered a period of strategic opportunities. In the process of promoting the intelligent network connection of heavy trucks, automatic shift is the only way.Taking automatic driving as an example, the purpose is to continuously improve the “driving experience” of the machine through artificial intelligence technology, so as to accurately judge the driving conditions and reduce the unreasonable operation caused by human factors interference.Therefore, by the computer intelligent shift automatic transmission has become a necessary way to promote intelligent development such as automatic driving.In terms of customer transport income, the biggest advantage of automatic heavy card is fuel saving, and this is also auman automatic heavy card the biggest technical advantage.Its matching ZF AMT transmission, through the addition of intelligent TCU electronic control module to achieve automatic control of vehicle shift, the integrated design, more compact structure, greatly improve reliability, transmission efficiency of up to 99.7%, according to the road conditions, speed, throttle opening degree, driver habits and other parameters accurately determine the best gear.Ensure that the engine speed can always be controlled in the most economic speed range of fuel consumption, so as to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.Automatic-shift heavy CARDS at the same time, the man with the shifting technology, can real-time acquisition in the process of moving load, speed, road conditions, slope, rotational speed and so on hundred items signal spectrum of the whole railway network, with nearly one hundred million times per second to calculate force operations support, real time to ensure the vehicle power, transmission, fuel economy, the better operation of the electronic system.With the old batch of truck drivers gradually withdraw from the market, the younger generation is generally not willing to enter the market, road freight market driver labor shortage aggravates year by year, labor gap is difficult to make up, between enterprises “grab the driver” become a means to drink poison quench thirst.Automatic shift heavy truck is more and more favored by fleet customers for its simple operation, low training cost, low operating cost and small vehicle loss.In the last year from Xi ‘an to Dali “Cloud peak high speed” activities, Auman automatic transmission heavy card after plateau, mountain terrain, the whole 1800 kilometers, the vehicle through intelligent control to match complex road conditions, automatic transmission thousands of kilometers of automatic shift times up to 535 times, far higher than the manual transmission 212 times, not only further reduce fuel consumption,It also relieves driving fatigue caused by frequent gear changes and is favored by young card users.It is worth mentioning that during the two sessions of this year, Li Xiaohong, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, proposed to add A4, B3 automatic truck driving license category, accelerate the popularization of automatic transmission, alleviate the logistics transport industry driver shortage problem, promote the logistics industry efficiency upgrade.In addition, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing has also initiated the initiative to open the automatic tractor directly apply for the channel, the automatic tractor into A4 driver’s license, allowing direct application for the application, the response from all sectors of society is enthusiastic, the majority of logistics companies and the support of young drivers.Facing the future, the key point of road logistics is who can provide one-stop solution for the whole chain. Logistics is not only the transfer of goods from point A to point B, but the need to provide customers with complete logistics service solutions.Foton Daimler will continue to boost the logistics industry to break the transport situation of low level, low efficiency and high cost with its fuel-saving, comfortable, efficient and safe experience of automatic transmission heavy truck, and help the injection of new vitality for the development of China’s road freight industry and promote the establishment of modern logistics transport system.