Concentric fight against epidemic | heart-warming Xi Xing story

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A sudden outbreak of the epidemic let a lot of people into the battle they head on in their own post day endlessly, sleepless overtime hard work, silently dedication…”Seeing my father is so busy every day, we also want to contribute to epidemic prevention and control, so we asked my mother to participate in the volunteer service of epidemic prevention and control.”At the nucleic acid sampling site in Qijizha community, there is a team of family partners.They are the family of Dai Haiyun, party secretary of Qijizha Community, who have set a “good family tradition” and “good example” for epidemic prevention and control.Dai’s daughter, Dai Yingying, is also a college student and participates in some volunteer activities at the university in daily life.Dai haiyun’s wife, a teacher, wants to do her bit for the epidemic, as school is on holiday.”My mother and I are mainly responsible for helping the field staff to measure temperature, check codes, register and maintain order.These days can obviously feel the epidemic prevention and control work is really hard.We hope we can do our best to make it easier for our staff, who are busy until the early hours of the morning and have to start work before dawn.Dai yingying said with a smile.”When my daughter said she wanted to volunteer, I said yes without hesitation.My husband and daughter are on the front lines and I thought I should join them.”Dai haiyun’s wife pan Xiaoqin said.The whole family to fight the epidemic.It is because of dedicated families like theirs that we are confident that we will overcome the epidemic.After the first confirmed case was reported on January 26, Zhang guoxiang went to the community as soon as possible.At noon, we were informed to go to Xindu Hui to set up nucleic acid testing. Even a mouthful of rice was too late to eat a mouthful of water to drink. We arranged testing points to fight the epidemic on the front line.After the end, I planned the next arrangement in advance with the members of the same group. Time always passed so quickly that it was midnight.Zhang Guoxiang is afraid of another emergency, stay in the community.In the early morning of January 27, zhang Guoxiang received the news that the community would do nucleic acid test. He began to prepare for the next “battle”.Upon hearing the news, his wife, also a Party member, did not hesitate to sign up for the epidemic prevention and control work in the community. In order to let their son feel the epidemic prevention and control work closely, she immediately dragged the son who was still in bed.After five minutes of shuffling, mother and son set out for the community.They arrived at the community office before dawn.Jingle bells…In front of the landline, Zhang guoxiang’s wife and son are busy checking and verifying basic information and travel tracks of community residents.Dialing, asking, recording, integrating, reporting — they’re all trotting around the office.A family of three, orderly battle, each to perform their duties, a total of anti-epidemic.Editor/Liu Ziyin Source/Xixing Street