Do not drive tiredly during the return rush hour

2022-06-12 0 By

During the Spring Festival travel rush, with the arrival of the return peak of the Spring Festival travel rush, the number of vehicles on provincial and national roads and expressways gradually increases. The majority of drivers should not only take adequate safety and epidemic prevention measures, but also keep in mind not to drive tired to ensure a safe return.* Fatigue driving performance: 01, slight fatigue, there will be a shift is not timely, inaccurate, two wheel handlebar unstable situation.02, moderate fatigue, operation slow, and even forget to operate.03, severe fatigue, in case of emergency often subconscious operation or short-term sleep phenomenon, loss of control of the vehicle.* How can I prevent tired driving?01, ensure adequate sleep adequate sleep is the best way to reduce and eliminate fatigue of the human body, to ensure adequate sleep for the majority of people driving travel is crucial, which requires drivers to have good living habits, ensure sleep time, improve sleep quality.02. It is strictly forbidden to drive for a long time. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.If night driving is required, the continuous driving time should not exceed 2 hours.03, pay attention to reasonable rest, strengthen exercise in the process of driving if you feel tired, sleepy, to take measures in time, after the elimination of sleepy fatigue, can continue to drive.We should pay attention to the exercise of physical quality at ordinary times, develop a good schedule, can also effectively prevent fatigue.04, timely relieve fatigue if fatigue and sleepiness symptoms occur on the way, you can open the window to breathe fresh air, or drink coffee and other refreshing drinks.Get off to a safe area and move your waist, neck and shoulders. Wait for fatigue to ease before starting on the road.Take turns To make driving safer On long road trips, try to share the driving with a partner and take turns driving.Tired driving is dangerous rest rest before moving forward take a rest when tired less safety accidents pay attention to safety civilized travel wish you all a safe and smooth return journey