How to break the situation in 35 weak hospitals?A year to witness butterfly changes

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“Since the crack down, 9 cases handled by the grass-roots procuratorates in shandong province, which are relatively weak, have been selected as the typical cases of the Supreme Procuratorate and 27 cases as the typical cases of the whole province. The comprehensive evaluation of the core business of 19 hospitals in the first three quarters has ranked the top in the city, and 7 hospitals have ranked the top two in the city.The SPP’s Special Journal on Assisting Weak Grassroots Procuratorates has published shandong’s practice four times.”On January 10, when talking about to take off the thin engines obtained remarkable achievement for a year, the party members, director of the political department of shandong province’s procuratorate ai-jun zhang said that over the past year, procuratorial organs, consciously with xi jinping, the rule of law ideology as guidance in shandong province, general secretary of the jinping stressed the “strong base oriented” grasp the real fine, closely rely on the party leadership and government support,The overall level of grassroots hospital construction has been comprehensively improved.”It can be said that the weak grassroots procuratorate in Shandong province as a whole off the thin work of the initial victory.”Multidimensional support together to take off the thin attack force the reporter understands, in early 2021, mengyin county of shandong province people’s procuratorate at the highest inspection to determine, juancheng county, linqu county, zaozhuang shanting four national based on relatively weak grassroots people’s procuratorate, and determine the 31 province relatively weak grassroots people’s procuratorate, clear in 2021 for “outstanding problems in crack”, formulate measures 25 items.In order to gather the synergy, Shandong Procuratorate established a multi-dimensional assistance mechanism to comprehensively consolidate the responsibility of assistance, adopting measures such as contact between provincial and municipal procuratorate leaders, one-to-one assistance between advanced grass-roots procuratorates, and exchange of posts for prosecutors.In October 2020, after the National Conference on the construction of grassroots Procuratorates, shandong Provincial Procuratorates quickly set up special working teams to carry out investigations and studies on six aspects, namely, Party building, leadership, staff competence, procuratorial reform, business operation, procuratorial management and security, and produced seven reports on the construction of grassroots procuratorates in the new era.From April 2021, shandong provincial procuratorate leaders and heads of all departments went to the grassroots level to investigate and find out the bottom of poor hospitals, focusing on solving 450 problems of “what to help” and “how to help”.As the “front-line headquarters”, 16 municipal procuratorates and Jinan Railway Transport Branch of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate formulated the implementation opinions or measures respectively based on the local conditions.Weifang Procuratorate formulated the Work Plan for Helping relatively weak grassroots hospitals, and made clear measures for helping weak grassroots hospitals in terms of team construction, professional assistance and police training.Liaocheng and Dezhou Procuratorate selected national and provincial business models to form “model commandos” and “attacking teams” to help weak hospitals cultivate professional talents and conquer difficult and complex cases.In addition, the Procuratorate of Shandong Province mobilized high-quality resources and strength across regions and levels, and assigned a pair of advanced procuratorates to each of the 35 weak procuratorates. Advanced procuratorates and weak procuratorates exchanged 119 posts of prosecutors for temporary posts.With the help of pairs, 10 people from the Weak Institute were selected as “provincial procuratorial model” or “professional expert”.Blood transfusion and hematopoietic focus on solving the problem of “people” to strengthen the construction of grassroots hospitals, pay attention to grassroots foundation, and finally to stimulate the weak impetus of hospital students.While strengthening the “blood transfusion”, shandong Procuratorate pays more attention to “hematopoiesis”, focuses on solving the outstanding problems of “people”, and strengthens the endogenous motivation to fight for the first place.”There are 33 young police officers born in the 1980s and 1990s in the hospital, accounting for 42%, but only 2 of them are selected into the talent pool of the whole city.”On the symposium held on the eve of The Youth Day on May 4th, 2021, Wang Lei, the chief inspector of juancheng County Procuratorate who was born in the 1980s, made up his mind to erect the pole, build the platform and dig out the potential in the open and honest communication.Then juancheng county people’s procuratorate to invite the patrol “rule of law into the campus” the national XuanJiangRen, such as “the province’s top ten public prosecutor”, build “star night school pride inspection” young policemen growth platform, forming a “flair” work team, and partial policemen vigor significantly improve, there are three policemen took to the middle-level leadership positions “after 80”.It is reported that in 2021, shandong provincial procuratorial organs focused on the aging, solidifying and rigid team structure, weak institutions, difficult to recruit people and other problems, a total of 32 weak leading groups, involving 19 weak procurator-general, 85 team members, and recruit 66 assistant prosecutors for the weak institutions “difficult to recruit people”.In addition, The Procuratorate of Shandong province gives full play to the role of the baton of the examination and stimulates the internal motivation of the procurators and police through the scientific examination system of procurators.The Procuratorate of Shanting District of Zaozhuang city formulated targeted assessment indicators for problems such as weak business, inadequate supervision and blank spots in core data.At present, the enthusiasm and quality of case handling of the procurators in the hospital have been significantly improved, the “case-case ratio” has been significantly optimized, and the probation rate after arrest has been reduced to 8.11%, ranking top in the “100-day action” of the city’s criminal procuratorial work.For a long time to improve the long-term mechanism to prevent “return to thin” to take off, we should pay special attention to the quality of work, to avoid weak hospital after taking off thin and “return to thin”.Shandong Procuratorate has established a long-term mechanism for thinning and preventing “return of thinning” by studying the evaluation guidelines for thinning and promoting the establishment of rules and regulations.The procuratorate of this province has formulated the provincial standards for removing thin wafers and clarified 17 evaluation items centering on political construction, team construction, team construction, quality and efficiency of legal supervision and procuratorial management.Yutai County Procuratorate focuses on the core business data, explores the establishment of department coordination and linkage mechanism, implements “red, yellow and blue” three-color management, and establishes corresponding incentive and accountability systems for the top indicators in the city, the middle indicators for yellow, and the bottom or no data for red.Through one year’s efforts, the core business data of the hospital jumped to the first place in the whole city from the last year’s assessment.The Procuratorate of Shandong Province has also set up a platform for the exchange and sharing of experience in the construction of grassroots procuratorates. It has set up columns on the homepage of its work website, such as “Three Years of Key Problems in the construction of grassroots procuratorates”, “Fight to Get Rid of weaknesses” and “Grassroots chief Procurators talk about key problems”, and published more than 150 pieces of information on experience in the construction of grassroots procuratorates and developments in the construction of grassroots procuratorates.The urgent problems, opinions and suggestions of the hospital can be reported to the provincial procuratorate directly through the supporting leaders, supporting departments and functional departments.”After one year’s hard work, we have achieved remarkable results., however, to take off the thin conducting such as rolling up the mountain, stream, not to advance is to go back, procuratorial organs in shandong province will continue to keep not indomitable struggle profile, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts, energetic energy and relentlessly resourceful not idle, ensure that weak 35 yuan on schedule, as a whole to take off the thin, at the same time, through the thinking of ‘grasp both ends, with the middle,It will promote the overall level of grassroots hospital construction in Shandong and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of procuratorial work in the province.”Shandong Procuratorate party secretary, procurator-general Chen Yong said.(Lu Jinzeng, Wang Peng and Xu Kui, Procuratorial Daily)