Huang Yuling, secretary of lipi Village Branch in Yanjin County, drives the whole village to become rich

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Henan Radio and Television rong media reporter Liu Suyun in Huang Yuling’s greenhouse, hits the green melon soil covered with vines, a green melon hung with rice soil, sweet melon let her see the hope of leading the villagers to get rich together.Reporter found Huang Yuling, she did not want to leave the hands of the live, while busy to melon fork, around the flesh, while being interviewed.Huang Yuling joined the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) in 2008 and served as the secretary of The Lipizhai Village Branch in Fengzhuang Town, Yanjin County in May 2009. She has been the secretary of the Lipizhai Village Branch and director of the Village Committee since February 2021.Since serving as a village cadre, she has received a number of county-level honors, including the honor of “Village Brilliant Clever Daughter-in-law” in Xinxiang city in 2020, and the honor of “Outstanding Communist Party Member” in Henan Province in 2021.Her with a clinging to the career, a cavity love of country, a kind of tenacious spirit, unity, led the village two committees, vigorously implement the village infrastructure construction, actively and effectively maintain the village social stability, plotting the village collective economic development, which laid a foundation for the village new look, li leather walled village, many jobs are among the whole town,By the town party committee, the government many times.According to the introduction, Before Lipizhai had no settled enterprises, two no characteristic industries, mainly to grow wheat and peanuts.Rely on day to have a meal only, the Huang Yuling that does not have collective economic income lets serve as village party branch secretary is very worry.In 2019, YanJin County implementing “party + financial” financial poverty alleviation mode, Huang Yuling actively explore, after consultation, field visits to the surrounding villages and towns, despite family opposition, resolutely decided to bank loans of 400000 yuan, greenhouses planting project development, circulation of the 30 mu of land, construction of six high standard greenhouses, focus on the development of the rich selenium melon planting project.From greenhouse built after, regardless of the years, she 5 o ‘clock in the morning to come here to work on time every day, busy work to 8 o ‘clock to the village committee, idle down at night to the shelter on a business trip to see the next growing GuaMiao situation, it has become the Huang Yuling daily routine, she treated GuaMiao like they treat their children, each star do care, afraid of a little mistake.The effort pays off. Huang yuling actively explored the consumption mode and made use of the advantages of local talents in the village to hold “Melon Picking Tourism Festival”, which established the melon brand, attracting 130 tourists and generating sales of 20,000 yuan.The smooth development of the tourism picking festival, so that Huang Yuling saw the hope, affirmed the greenhouse planting industry development road.With the success of the greenhouses project, it happened that the superior’s policy was heavily tilted towards the countryside, so she thought to herself, “There is the wind of the policy, let the greenhouses industry scale, drive the development of collective economy, and let everyone earn money together.”With the strong support of party committees and governments at county and township levels, she did as she said she would.On the basis of the six greenhouses, she borrowed 400,000 yuan from the Rural Commercial Bank to build four greenhouses. More than 10 families learned technology from the class, which indirectly led to the economic development of the five surrounding villages and raised people’s income.Under the leadership of Huang Yuling, Lipizhai Village upgraded traditional agriculture to efficient agriculture and selenium-rich functional agriculture, and improved the prospect of agricultural economic development by combining with the development of tourism economy, and further built selenium-rich agricultural industrial park.Relying on the high-standard agricultural industry project of Fengzhuang Town, Huang Yuling has created the first batch of selenium-rich agricultural products brands with selenium-rich melons and selenium-rich vegetables as the main body.Through brand planning, publicity and promotion, e-commerce operation, channel publicity and other ways, we can quickly build selenium-rich agricultural products brand, promote the brand comprehensively through the government website, official platform and so on, truly achieve the brand outside, reputation outside, scale outside, and realize “one village, one product” to drive the whole village to become rich.She takes Yanjin County Xusheng Agricultural Planting Cooperative as the leading enterprise and develops selenium-rich and efficient agricultural planting greenhouse project in the way of “leading enterprise + cooperative + peasant household” to provide stable and reliable income for the village collective.At present, 20 high-standard plastic greenhouses have been supported by the superior to strengthen the village collective economic funds of 500,000 yuan, all the construction has been completed, is expected to be the village collective income of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan per year.She also led the village “two committees” cadres to Beijing, Puyang and other places to investigate the black burin (plum) planting project, has been transferred to the village of 20 mu of land for planting black burin (plum).Through personal practice and practical development, we will vigorously promote agricultural transformation and lead the people to blaze a new path of becoming rich and increasing their incomes.The ren Yongjie that builds a nest to draw phoenix to look forward to manage travel agency in other place again discovers the great change that hometown develops when Spring Festival returns home, get in touch with Huang Yuling actively, want to devote oneself to hometown career to develop jointly.The two hit it off, focusing on building land cooperatives and tourism industry cooperatives, and gradually expanding tourism industry projects.Adhere to strengthen the benefit joint mechanism, joint flower trade co., LTD., handan city in hebei province to build tourism industry project, “filial piety culture”, which is based on “the filial piety culture”, through the filial piety culture square, parent-child studies, night lighting, photography, picking flowers experience and other fields have been completed, through the village “two committees” of negotiations with the investors,It plans to use 10 percent of the annual profits of the industrial park as the collective income of the village.The development of research and education combined with the development of boutique agriculture, borrowing agricultural resources to gradually develop a modern rural tourism industry that integrates agricultural sightseeing and picking, education and entertainment, consumption and poverty alleviation.