Sweet pet idol drama “The King’s Assistant”, outstanding student girl meets a proud superstar, valentine’s Day surprise

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The online drama “The King’s Assistant” has been officially released on Valentine’s Day.Girl outstanding student and king star, this pair of joy enemies will be staged what kind of daily laugh?The online drama “The King’s Assistant” is due to be directed by Li Wenhao in 2020.It stars Sun Zeyuan and Lu Yangyang, Chen Pengwanli, Wang Luqing and Xie Xingyang.In the latest trailer, sun Zeyuan and Lu Yangyang interact with each other in a very interesting way.Lu Yangyang as Yuchi Yao Yao, sun Zeyuan as the big star by xi as a tutor.To help him land the lead role in a period piece.The stars are the underachievers.Talented female wei late Yao Yao in order to help the big star tutoring, it can be said to use eighteen martial arts.In the process that get along, two people dark give birth to sincere feeling.01 “First love face” Sun Zeyuan, the star is too proud jiao Sun Zeyuan plays the leading role by Xi, is a proud jiao full “flow star”.Sun made his debut in 2017.Maybe some people think he is a little strange, but in fact, he has appeared in many online TV series, such as I Can’t Hug You, Time is Sweet with You, And The Vacated Date.He is an online DRAMA expert.From the supporting role to the leading role, Sun Zeyuan also starred in “The Romance of Spring Flowers Chen Piggy” wind bank, “Song Ci Shaohua Lu” as the male lead Song Ci.He played the king of heaven in this play, for Yuchi Yao Yao’s feelings, from the beginning of dislike each other, to help each other to fall in love with her.He also bravely protected her and declared his love affair.Lu Yangyang plays the leading actress Yuchi Yayao in the online drama The King’s Assistant.Born in 1994, she was the leader of Chinese-Korean girl group MIXX.Her works include “I Will not Be Bullied by Girls”, “Care about You” and “Cyclone Magician”.Yuchi Yaoyao is a brave and hardworking girl.She is kind and lovely.As a straight-a student, she also did various part-time jobs.She has her own way of dealing with the big star.Although two people are noisy, but she also gradually understand each other, be attracted by this handsome boy.From enemies to lovers, they are in deep trouble. “Cohabitation is risky, and assistants are a bit sweet.”In order to compete with other actors for roles, Ao Jiao Tian Wang was “tortured” by tutors hired by his agents.Girl Yuchi Yao Yao observe the big star by Xi in the set of the performance, his costume is good, but the action and acting when the expression, completely not pass.By Xi’s life, because yuchi Yao Yao’s arrival, a lot of changes have taken place.At times, he became “unlucky”.Two people hate each other, don’t like each other, slowly like each other.Without knowing it, Xi was replaced with an assistant.Yuchi Yao Yao left.Yuchi Yao Yao feel by xi have their own star road, have his future.Xi couldn’t get through to her and knew something was wrong.He’s brave enough to hold a press conference and announce his relationship.He was so moving that he said, I’m going to tell people I’m in love.The combination of girls and stars seems to be nothing new in this environment of network dramas.Characters in sweet pet dramas are the most likely to be labeled as “silly white sweet”.Content is the key to a good script.For movies and TV dramas, the most crucial thing is the actors’ acting ability.The reason why sweet pet dramas are popular with many people is that they have a relaxed and happy feeling.And the love story of the role in the play, it is easy to let the girl heart.Network drama “King assistant” this drama, is sweet pet drama, is also the youth idol drama.Boys and girls love, appearance level and acting are good.Especially when Sun Zeyuan said to Lu Yangyang, “Little wood, I like you”, it was really exciting.On Valentine’s Day, an online drama called The King’s Assistant will be broadcast to show the love story between an idol and a young girl.Spring is to have a sweet love!This article by entertainment qingxia original, welcome to pay attention to, long knowledge together!