The Confucius Academy family Education sharing class is coming

2022-06-12 0 By

(Zhu Jianfeng fu Yalin) as parents, do a good job in family education, help children become useful people is the first major project of the family, is duty-free.Helping parents complete this great project is also one of the aims of Confucius Academy.On the morning of April 2, gao Peng, a family education instructor, told parents how to solve their parenting problems.In class, the importance and lack of family education, how to from “chicken and dog jump” to mother’s filial piety, help children’s homework often make you furious, children into adolescence rebellious to difficult to guide, at different stages of growth, family education is faced with all kinds of problems, family education instructor Gao Peng according to his own educational practice experience,From the aspects of complementing psychological nutrition, reducing parenting anxiety, promoting the harmony of husband and wife, and the parents of the interaction, pointed out effective education methods and paths for parents, was warmly welcomed by everyone.After the lecture, parents said that they benefited a lot. Family education is the starting point of education.Confucius Academy is not only educating children to learn and inherit Confucian culture, but also helping parents to better educate and cultivate their children, which has been on the road of progress.