Baidu and Geely invested nearly $400 million in Jidu Auto: It plans to start mass production in 2023

2022-06-13 0 By

It is reported that Baidu’s smart car brand Jidu announced the completion of nearly $400 million round A financing, jointly increased by Baidu and Geely, it is reported that the first car robot concept car will be released at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, the mass production model will be launched in 2023.Data shows that in January 2021, Baidu announced to build cars, reassemble to form an intelligent car company.In March, Jidu was established and received more than $300 million in start-up capital.The completion of the new round of financing will help Jidu press the acceleration button in the development and mass production of car robots, jidu said.Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, said, “The brain, nerves and torso of the car robot developed by Jidu are all developing efficiently. When the product is delivered, it will definitely be a benchmarking mass production product.Going forward, He said, Jidu will continue to focus on polishing and developing products to provide users with more revolutionary products that exceed their expectations.