Grandma prepares five gifts for Sun Zhuo. Sun Zhuo looks a little frustrated. The reason behind this is too warm

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When Sun Haiyang and his family returned to their hometown in Hubei province for the Spring Festival, the six of them took a photo of the whole family. I have to say that my grandmother is very considerate. In order to make Sun Zhuo more comfortable in his hometown, sun Zhuo’s grandmother also prepared five gifts for him: cotton shoes, towels, a new quilt, rice candy and an air-conditioned room.Grandma prepared five gifts for Sun Zhuo. Sun Zhuo looked a little frustrated. The reason behind it was too warm!Although they are some daily necessities, we can see grandma Sun’s love for Sun Zhuo. In the north, there is heating and the indoor temperature is very high, while in the south, winter in Hubei is also very cold. In order to make Sun Zhuo more comfortable, grandma specially gives sun Zhuo an air-conditioned room.Grandma’s behavior is really very warm, but Sun Zhuo is slightly lost, always a person bowed his head not to speak, sister Sun Yue saw her brother’s strange, asked Sun Zhuo what happened?Sun Zhuo expressed that he felt carsick because he had been sitting in a car for a long time, and felt shy and embarrassed to care for his grandmother. After all, he was not very familiar with his grandmother, and he felt a little lost when he did not see his grandfather.Sun Zhuo’s grandfather was quite old, so it was already two o ‘clock at night when Sun Haiyang arrived at his hometown in Hubei province. His grandfather’s physical strength was different from that of young people, so he did not welcome the family because he could not stay up all night.Sun Zhuo is a very sensible child. Although his expression is sad, the reason behind it is so warm that netizens have praised him.Sun Zhuo’s grades are good, but his English is a little bit worse. His sister Sun Yue’s English is very good. This holiday, Sun Zhuo will live a full life, with her sister’s English tutoring and the love from her elders.Grandma prepared five gifts for Sun Zhuo, who was very frustrated. The reason behind it was praised as too warm.Many families are under great pressure to provide better educational resources for their children, but the lack of family education, the family without love, the children are not sensible, no sense of responsibility, but also like to compare.Nowadays, parents have high expectations and strong vanity for their students. They hope their children can be better than others and have better development in the future. When they grow up, they will be promising and have a foothold in the society.Parents have expectation is understandable, but too high expectations, not only can bring pressure to the students, also will be very extreme, most parents want their children to win on the starting line, starting from the students enter the school gate, spends a lot of, ShuangJian students finally can easily some, but other aspects of competition began, parents began to various typically exposes for the child,I hope I can win in specialty.Most of the students without love are very rebellious, and such families only pay attention to the outside, but not to the inside, it is difficult for students to take the initiative to learn, it is also difficult to enter the heart of students.Children feel the love of the family, is the most precious wealth in life, they will be more responsible, more sensible, under the guidance of teachers, they will take the initiative to learn, such students will be better in the future.The author believes that students in the long-term influence, parents stable mood, full of love of the family, is the most beneficial to students, students in the future is also a great help.Social competition is fierce, many families need two people to go out to work together, in the children pick up, will ask the elderly to help, in the holidays, will let the elders help to look after, although the elders can not help students with homework, but can also take care of students’ daily life, to ensure safety.How should young parents communicate to avoid overindulgence?Try to reach an agreement with the elders so that they can keep up with The Times and keep up with the development of education.The doting of elders makes many parents have a headache, but young parents should pass on the idea of education to the elderly in many aspects, so that the elderly can keep up with the development of The Times, and can slowly accept changes in children’s education.Young parents should be patient and communicate with the elderly in a calm manner to avoid disputes.In the process of communication, young parents must be patient, do not dispute, after all, the old man is from the heart love children, do not let the old man cold heart.The author’s message:Sun Zhuo grandma’s behavior, the interpretation of a love of family, Sun Zhuo again we see a very sensible high school student, hope every parents can attach importance to education, create a have a love of family atmosphere, cultivate students’ positive character, optimistic, social in progress, parents’ education way to keep pace with The Times, the mood also want to change, accept the child’s mediocre,Focus on how to educate.Most of the elders will spoil their children. Young parents should pay attention to the way of communication with the elderly while slowly passing on the correct education concept. Only by learning to communicate can they achieve the desired effect.Do you think a loving family has a great influence on students?What do you think of Grandma Sun Zhuo’s behavior?(The picture comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to qingqing preach