Is it embarrassing to fart a lot?”Fart much” is not a good thing, or related to 3 factors!

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As one of the most important digestive systems in our body, the gut plays an important role in how our body works.The most important function of the gut is peristalsis, which pushes food waste out of the gut.So we should get into the habit of defecating regularly every day, which can get rid of the toxic substances in our body and keep our body light.However, many friends have experienced frequent fart and can’t help it. Some friends think it is normal to fart.But not all farts are normal, and there are other health risks.So it’s not a good thing to fart a lot and a lot, and you should be aware of the risks of several diseases.01 Fart is not a good thing, maybe these diseases are “approaching”, try to be careful!The liver is the largest detoxifying organ in our body and plays a vital role. If frequent fart occurs frequently, we should be aware of the risk of cirrhosis.Liver disease from hepatitis to cirrhosis is a long process, cirrhosis is not well controlled may become liver cancer.Once cirrhosis occurs, the pressure on blood vessels around the liver increases.And after liver cirrhosis, other organs of the body will also affect the whole body, digestive function will naturally be affected.Our gut works just fine because it contains some bacteria — good bacteria, of course.Not only does it not damage our body, but it regulates our intestines.But if there’s a problem with the gut flora in our gut, our gut function can be affected.Indigestion and accumulation of air in the gut can occur, which could explain the frequent farting.3, irritable bowel syndrome what is irritable bowel syndrome, in fact, because of the hyperactivity of intestinal function, and then lead to gastrointestinal peristalsis disorder.Generally speaking, intestinal tract peristalsis every minute less than 10 times, more than this number can cause intestinal tract to accumulate gas.To take a simple example, our gut is like a tube, but there is food in some parts, there is no food in some parts, and where there is no food is air, and this air is the source of farting.Conclusion: If friends fart frequently, we should pay attention to it.First of all, we should eliminate the normal fart, and then go to the hospital in time to check the specific reason, although the fart is small, but the health problem behind is “not to be underestimated”.Only when we pay attention to our physical health can we better maintain our health and have a high quality of life.