How did the woman drive her car to Shenzhen even though her keys were in her hometown

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Female drivers driving is the reverse routine, many novice female drivers are easy to put the accelerator as the brake, the windshield wiper as a turn signal, these are just basic operations.Other women drivers, once they think they’re doing the right thing, ignore traffic rules. “I want what I feel, not what you feel” is their ultimate motto, which is why so many people shudder at the sight of a new female driver.As we all know, the car key is an integral part of the car. Without the car key, it is impossible to start the car or drive away the car. However, such a female driver drove her car from her hometown to Shenzhen without the car key.On Feb 8, 2022, a woman working in Shenzhen revealed that she drove her car to Shenzhen while her car keys were in her hometown in Hubei Province.According to the woman, she is a native of Hubei province and it is more than 800 kilometers from her hometown to Shenzhen. Her car can run more than 500 kilometers on a full tank of gas, which means she needs to fill up her car once to drive from Hubei to Shenzhen.When she drove to Changsha, Hunan province, she used up more than half of the fuel in the fuel tank. In order to avoid running out of fuel during the journey and to let the passengers have a rest, she chose to fill up the fuel tank at a gas station in Changsha.In the meantime, she took the opportunity to clean up the garbage left after the children eat snacks on the car. At this time, the woman accidentally mixed the car keys in the garbage and threw them into the trash can, she did not realize that the key had been thrown away by her.When she drove the car some distance away, the dashboard of the car kept telling her that the key was out of the detection range, but there was no sound. The woman thought the key must have been taken by a child and left somewhere in the car, too far away from the sensor to be detected.This did not affect her driving, so she ignored the car’s warning and continued to drive to Shenzhen. When she arrived in Shenzhen and dropped off a relative, she turned off the car and tried to start it again, but couldn’t find the keys.Only then did she realize that she had lost her car keys and had to leave the car in the same place until her family mailed her a spare key to their home town.From the woman’s description, xiao Feng said, her car should have keyless start function, so as long as the car is on fire, it can drive away without a key.There is one thing I can’t figure out for the life of me. Since the instrument panel indicates that the key is not in the detection range, why not check whether the key is in the car immediately?Besides, it’s a long drive, not a short one. Can’t she be more considerate?As long as the car runs, she probably won’t mind even if she doesn’t have tires, but it’s a real safety hazard.Many accidents are caused by people’s carelessness and disapproval, especially when driving, and there are children in the car, so it should be taken into consideration to ensure safety.Everyone’s life is only once, every trip should be considered, as long as it is about safety, once found there is something wrong, it is necessary to check immediately, not careless, because the vehicle at high speed, once an accident, everything is too late.