On top of his basic salary, the village teacher earns 12,000 yuan a month, an inspirational but unconventional figure

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Removal of basic salary, the village teacher also can get 12000 a month, self-help stereotypes: yes, but don’t you are not wrong, is a basic salary, remove extra income also can break through 12000 yuan, a rural teacher talked about recently to get the benefit of his writing life, full of joy and drying out an income of ten thousand yuan of screenshots, according to the teacher’s words,Writing is worth insisting on, it is also very easy to insist on, we can see that the teacher’s income only yesterday reached 1406 yuan, only 30 years is up to 12,000 yuan, can be said to be quite inspirational.After the detailed understanding of the teacher found that the teacher is also very hard, experienced the application of original failure, but that is the tenacity, repeated failures but often reflect, the efforts behind the success of few people to pay attention to, to know that is by sweat and painstaking efforts to build ah.To know, the teacher a year to write pure original articles reached more than 1000, which does not have a certain perseverance simply can not do.I fully believe that the teacher can bask in the screenshot is true, the author also encourage teachers to make money in this way, after all, the teacher where is the prerequisite, writing is more suitable for the media, there are a lot of primary and secondary school teachers believe that early started since the media writing, university teachers can not only in this way the practicing writing for a long time, also can enrich the writing material and he le, of course,If you do not stick to it, three days of fishing and two days of drying nets, is also provoking jokes.If someone wants to spray this kind of behavior, the author just wants to say don’t forget the teacher he is also an ordinary person, the teacher is just his profession, do their own job well, spare time to write some articles is also wrong?No man is a saint, no beggar can be faultless.Understanding is important, everyone’s career is not easy.The teacher in front of the children is a person of high esteem, but he may be a father or mother, they also need the recognition of the social family, but also for the family to silently contribute a strength, we should understand them more.