Ruihu 7 discount up to 10,000 yuan welcome to visit appreciation

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Buy a new generation of Ruihu 7 Shenxing version that enjoy: comprehensive Juhui 25000 yuan (cash down 10000 yuan) buy a new generation Of Ruihu 7 Shenxing version limited time 0 yuan upgrade: used car value +10000 yuan cash discount + to 10000 yuan replacement subsidy + enjoy loan 50,000 yuan 2 years interest-free;The new appearance is young and vibrant, but also chery’s new “peak grid design concept” of an SUV model.The main difference between the simultaneous Launch of the Tiger 7 and The Tiger 7 PRO is in the details of the engine and grille, otherwise the two models are basically the same.Booking hotline ★ : 0551-6345-2222.Buy Chery in 2022!I only choose Anhui source Chery!★ Detailed address: Hefei Baohe Automobile City, Harbin Road and Tianjin Road intersection (next to The Baohe DMV) activity time from April 3, 2022 to April 5, 2022