The real reason why TES bought Mark has been revealed!Zhuo hair 164 words farewell, sapphire force was sprayed

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Preface: today’s TES team of personnel, are fast can go to play football.TES currently has three singles, two field AIDS and a single AD, while TES is getting more and more people, but they are playing worse and worse.TES’s most baffling move was to buy Mark, who was unemployed, after the Chinese New Year holiday.The idea was that TES management was following the advice of its fans, but that’s not the real reason.TES team manager Kwok Hao’s face didn’t look happy when he signed Mark for a photo shoot, which is saying something.The reason why TES bought Mark also quickly surfaced, Zhuo said in the fan base 164 words that he was active to rest, Zhuo thought his mentality and state are not suitable to continue to play the game.It is Zhuo’s personal reasons that TES had to urgently purchase Mark to join, otherwise TES could not even play the game.It also explains why TES chose to buy Mark, and put him in the game as soon as he was announced, regardless of the fit, because they had to.”No wonder I bought Mark because I couldn’t stand it anymore,” netizens sighed.Zhuo was the most ridiculed TES player in the previous race, and was even ridiculed in a tu format for an eye position problem in Rank.And rational analysis, Zhuo is really very dish?It wasn’t. He just got sprayed too hard at TES support.Zhuo strength although not as LPL top auxiliary Meiko Xiao Ming Liu Qingsong these, but is absolutely LPL upstream level.As a rookie, he has a lot of room for growth, but the huge pressure of public opinion seriously affected his growth.Interestingly, the former IG auxiliary player Bao LAN, after learning the Zhuo mind explosion choice rest, left this sentence: “One should not deny oneself.”Baolan said Zhuo can choose to temporarily rest to adjust the state, but Zhuo said he is not suitable for the game should not be, people should not deny themselves.Sapphire blue was a water auxiliary, and it can even be said that sapphire blue is a water all auxiliary, the most outstanding performance.However, when sapphire blue state is not good, it has also been mocked.Surprisingly, Sapphire blue’s words of comfort were also sprayed.Some extreme netizens make fun of Baolan’s remarks.Surprisingly, every TES assistant has been teased by fans, with Mark, who has not yet played, being called ‘rubbish’.Exaggeratingly, TES has been sprayed by so-called TES fans in addition to Ah Shui.We can’t help but admire Bao LAN’s attitude throughout his experience.In IG snow hiding for so long, has maintained the king section, the Rank is playing, although not waiting for a new opportunity, but really withstand.And the younger Zhuo players, but failed to withstand the public pressure in TES.Indeed, in TES auxiliary, no big heart is difficult to resist, after all, in the face of public opinion pressure is too big, fans will take a magnifying glass to see your operation, a little mistake will be sprayed.It can only be said that TES this team is not suitable for a rookie to grow, not just support, other positions are the same.So, what do you think of Zhuo’s strength?Welcome to the discussion.