167 flights a year!The professor’s conviction inspired millions of people

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In 16 years, he traveled more than 500,000 kilometers on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and collected more than 40 million seeds. “A gene can bring hope to a country, and a seed can benefit millions of people.” He cultivated the first doctor of Botany of Xizang University…In September 2017, a car accident frozen his life at the age of 53. He is Zhong Yang, a famous Botanist in China. Recently, the Program “China in Stories” of THE Media Group reviewed Zhong Yang’s “seed life”, which moved countless netizens.Professor Zhong Yang students continue to complete his unfinished business with plants for twin son named his life became a dream “seed” 1979 Zhong Yang admitted by China university of science and technology class since then, he as a computer personnel assigned to the wuhan institute of botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, work with colleagues xiao-yan zhang first begin to contact professional later botany,Botanical research became the direction of his lifelong struggle. Zhong Yang’s twin sons were named after plants:”They love plants as much as they love their children. In 2001, Zhong Gave up his post as vice president of Fudan University and volunteered to teach at Xizang University.”There are 2,000 unique plants on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and one seed can benefit millions of people. That’s where every botanist should go.” He often encouraged the students around him:”Prominence is not just a dream but only outstanding good dreamer” and his dream is to “seed”, cultivating talent acquisition thousands of more than 4000 seed plants produce seven minority doctoral students due to the unique geographical advantage of the qinghai-tibet plateau is very rich in plant species but it was not until 2008 was the world’s biggest botanical gardens, Kew has not been a from TibetSeed in order to let the world attaches great importance to the Tibet Zhong Yang professor to lead the students “inventory buffer” his footprint in the most remote and difficult areas in Tibet collected more than 4000 of thousands of plant seeds for countries to provide important ecological security reserve resources for long-term high strength work Zhong Yang sudden cerebral hemorrhage in 2015 the doctor advised him not to go to Tibet, but the more Zhong Yang feelWith limited time, the pace of work has been accelerated for 3 years and 3 years. Every three-year aid to Tibet project has an irrefutable reason to continue: to train local talents in Tibet and bring the discipline to a new height…In 2016 alone, Zhong Yang flew 167 times. What’s the use of collecting so many seeds?Zhong Yang said as follows:”Because the country needs it, human needs it.” Suppose there was still cancer more than 100 years later. At that time, it was found that a certain plant had anti-cancer effects.On September 25, 2017, Zhong Yang died in a car accident at work at the age of 53. At that time, his twin sons were just 15 years old. The eldest son cried out bitterly: “Father, don’t you dare to go, I haven’t grown up yet…”In their grief, the family decided to donate all of Zhong Yang’s car accident compensation and interest to support the talent cultivation work in the western minority areas, because the family knew that this was Zhong Yang’s dream and they wanted to continue zhong Yang’s dream.”Teacher is my most care about the identity of” student of his heart will always in the first place each student is a valuable seed he has successively developed seven minority doctoral students in Tibet university faculty of science professor Dr Joan is the second Tibetan Zhong Yang they had reached the highest limit for higher plant growth together, called “rat QuXue rabbit” plant Joan remember teacher once seriouslyZhong Yang, who said he wanted to cultivate a doctor of botany for every nation, once said:”Every life has an end, but I am not afraid because my students will continue the path of scientific exploration, and the seeds we gather may take root one day hundreds of years later, when I do not know how many people’s dreams will be fulfilled.” Today, Zhong Yang’s students continue to climb the heights of science,Fulfill his unfinished business With one heart and one heart all his life Professor Zhong Yang’s wish is to sow the future Thank you for all you have done for the future salute!(Source: CCTV News) | Editor: Liu Yani | Director: Liu Xingcun | Supervisor: Liu Yang | Chief Supervisor: Tu Wenkui