A place that impressed me most

2022-06-15 0 By

If THERE is one place that impresses me most, it must be mogao Grottoes.I went to the Mogao Grottoes in 2019.Into the gate, is a wooden tower, called “nine floors”.It is as high as a nine-story building, and its “belly” contains many Buddha holes, large and small.In the first to see a huge Buddha statue, he is 35.5 meters tall, narrow eyes, kind eyebrows.To get a good look at his head, you’d have to raise it 80 degrees, right?It was very impressive.He is the famous Maitreya Buddha.Then we went to the cave named “Reclining Buddha Cave”, and saw Sakyamuni Buddha lying on his right hand, peacefully asleep.Some of his seventy-two disciples burst into tears, apparently unaware of anything;Some were thoughtful, as if they had realized something;There are already realized the truth, eyes closed, mouth muttering words, should be grateful to the master bar.Next we visited the smaller grottoes, which contained the bodhisattvas;A singer;There are murals, murals are almost all flying apsaras;Is there a…It has 735 caves and 492 Buddha statues and murals.But why don’t I tell you more?This is because there are only six caves that can be visited now, while my mother and I used to be able to visit more than 30 caves.After my observation, I found that pavilions and trees are early works of Buddhist civilization.Each painting is rich in content and has a small story, which is the work of the buddhist civilization at its peak.There are also social themes of the time, depicting the dissatisfaction of the painters with reality, which are works of the late Buddhist civilization.Unfortunately, THIS time I did not visit the six caves, I hope to go to the Mogao Grottoes again in the future, to visit all six caves.