Dongjin Town: Three-level secretaries solve the problem of land acquisition in industrial parks

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Gangnan Binjiang Industrial Park is located in Dongjin Town, Gangnan District, north of xijiang Golden waterway, is the key construction park of Guigang city.Secretary of the municipal party committee launched a difficult problem in a line for “party building work platform, east town party secretary MoHaiHua town, east stone even yuwang CenJingQiu, stone village party branch secretary li ping exploded the chariot actively play a leading role in platform, to project a line solution problem, level 3 secretary work together to grasp the land, the riverside industrial park, effectively promote land acquisition work.Up to now, Binjiang Industrial Park has completed land acquisition of 1000 mu, the first phase stationed in four projects of more than 100 million yuan, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, has completed investment of 250 million yuan, annual output value of 3 billion yuan, Binjiang Industrial Park has become a new engine of gangnan development, a new pole of guigang industrial revitalization.On January 13, 2022, the opening and completion ceremony of guigang’s 2022 first-quarter projects was held in Binjiang Industrial Park.After binjiang Industrial Park started land acquisition, it was difficult to open the situation of land acquisition in Shiling Tun, Shilian Village, and the masses stuck together and refused to negotiate.Mo Haihua, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongjin Town, as the main person in charge of the land expropriation work, was determined to make a breakthrough as soon as possible, so he and the land expropriation working group went deep to visit the people, and finally learned that the main reason was that the first class shugang road from Suwan to Dongjin in shilin Village in 2020 had expropriated their village land.However, due to the shortage of funds and land disputes, the land expropriation funds were not issued in time, and the people were worried that the land expropriation funds for Binjiang Industrial Park could not be implemented after signing, so they required that the remaining problems of land expropriation for first-class roads should be solved before they were willing to talk.MoHaiHua learned that after the situation, timely report to the relevant district government leadership, associated with the key, actively strive for funds allocated, and organize personnel further mediation land disputes, calm good stone mountain chariot masses, agree with the masses, in the future use of stone mountain tuen river location advantages and close to the physical characteristics of the riverside industrial park,Focus on building a demonstration village for the integrated development of the first, second and third industries.Actively help to apply for capital projects, in the stone mountain tuen priority to build road 1.5 kilometers, 30 install street lamp light, to make them see the sincerity of the party committees and governments, through a double efforts, land sales distribution in place, in the time before the chariot people open the heart and land acquisition work opened the situation, stone mountain tuen a month time to complete the land expropriation.▲ Mo Haihua (first from the right), Party secretary of Dongjin Town, visited the people whose land was expropriated to know the truth.To move to appeal to reason propaganda policy pull “nail” east Jin town stone even village party general branch secretary Cen Jingqiu comrade is not only the village in charge, but also an important member of binjiang industrial park land acquisition working group, for some “nail households” is also in the eye urgent in the heart.In order to solve these “nail households” as soon as possible, he has the courage to take responsibility, volunteered to join the difficult problems mediation group, specifically responsible for pulling “nails”.The village shiling tun new house team of the masses gan a wait-and-see mentality, feel that the land expropriation is a little low, that the more adhere to the back, may get more compensation.Because Gan mou has certain influence in the village, he is not willing to sign, other people will follow suit, it will affect the overall promotion of the project.As long as Cen Jingqiu is free, he came to visit, to move his feelings, to understand the reason, and he clearly calculate an account, one is to speak the importance of binjiang industrial construction, built to bring industrial development opportunities to Shiling tun and convenient children nearby employment.Second, we publicized the land acquisition policy and compensation standard scheme. There was no problem of late signings, but early signings were rewarded, and late signings were less.Under cen Jingqiu’s many mobilization, Gan finally agreed to sign.▲ Cen Jingqiu (first from right), secretary of shilian Village Party General Branch, Dongjin Town, publicizes land acquisition policy to the masses.There are 280 mu of land in Chongkou Village of Shilian Village located within the red line of Binjiang Industrial Park. At first, some villagers suggested that they should participate in the construction of the park in the form of land lease and not accept land acquisition.But the land lease does not meet the requirements of industrial park planning and construction, chongkoutun’s land acquisition work has been blocked.Gushing tuen party branch secretary li ping open-minded, see the binjiang industrial park close to a gushing tuen, will generate a gushing favorable conditions of development, after the completion of the first joint of inside and outside the follow villager and tall heads together work, organize many villagers’ representatives meeting policy propaganda park construction, key to binjiang industrial park project, after the production of a gushing chariot can rely on industrial park,By building Chongkou into the back garden of the industrial park, a large number of workers will come to Spend money in Chongkou, thus vigorously developing the rural tourism industry in Chongkou, thus increasing employment opportunities and villagers’ income.In addition, some people who did not understand were organized to visit the similar industrial park in Guangdong. Finally, the villagers were moved by this view and collectively signed an agreement, agreeing to expropriate all the land in Chongkoutun for the construction of riverside industrial park.Li Ping (middle), secretary of chongkoutun Party Branch, Shilian Village, Dongjin Town, discusses with the masses how to develop Chongkoutun with Binjiang Industrial Park.▲ Binjiang Industrial Park (Dongjin) entry project accelerated construction.