Foreign media: The Biden administration released the Indo-Pacific Strategy document

2022-06-15 0 By

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday unveiled a strategy for the Indo-Pacific region that focuses on alliances and a stronger presence in Southeast Asia and shows wariness toward China, foreign media reported.Washington, Feb 11 (Reuters) – The United States vowed on Friday to devote more diplomatic and security resources to the Indo-Pacific region.In a 12-page strategy overview, the Biden administration said it would focus on every corner of the region, from South Asia to the Pacific islands, to reinforce its long-term position and commitment.”China is combining its economic, diplomatic, military and technological might in an attempt to establish a sphere of influence in the Indo-Pacific and seek to become the world’s most influential power,” the document declares.Under an action plan for the next 12 to 24 months, Washington will “meaningfully expand” its diplomatic presence in Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands and prioritize important negotiations with Pacific island nations that include access for US forces, the document said.Those negotiations appear to have stalled for a year.On Taiwan, the document declares, Washington will work with partners in the region and beyond to maintain what it calls “peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”The action plan also vows to expand the US Coast Guard’s presence and cooperation in South, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, the report said.The document reiterates that the US plans to launch the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework in early 2022.The administration hopes the initiative will fill at least some of the large gap in U.S. engagement with the region since former President Trump withdrew from a multinational trade framework.Washington, February 11 (AP) — THE Biden administration’s new Indo-Pacific strategy emphasizes not going it alone in dealing with China, underscoring the administration’s efforts to strengthen security cooperation and other ties with Allies and partners in the region.The strategy paper, released Friday, comes as Secretary blinken is in the Pacific for meetings with diplomats from Japan, South Korea, Pacific island nations and other governments as the winter Olympics get under way in Beijing.According to nihon Keizai Shimbun on February 12, the BIDEN administration released its first Indo-Pacific strategy since it took office on February 11.The strategy will serve as a security and economic policy for the US in the Indo-Pacific region, showing wariness of China.The strategy mentions the importance of working with Allies.In the area of security, the strategy mentioned Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand, and pledged to deepen alliance with them according to treaty.The strategy also makes clear that “comprehensive deterrence” created by strengthening ties with Allies will form the basis of the U.S. Indo-Pacific security strategy.According to a report on the South China Morning Post website on February 12, the Biden administration on Friday unveiled its Indo-Pacific strategy, which focuses on alliances, military deterrence and a stronger presence in Southeast Asia to counter China.The US also sees the recently established Australia-UK alliance as a key part of its deterrence against China, the report said.