How to Be an Excellent SECONDARY Vocational Student (3)

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Xiao Wang comes from the countryside and is a quiet child.But she studied very hard.I taught her math when she was in school before I switched majors.Even math, a subject that few people in vocational school ignored, she worked hard.For children like Xiao Wang, most of them just love learning.Generally speaking, just let the teacher appreciate, can achieve better results.But what good would that do?That’s not going to make much difference in getting a good job.Not to say completely useless, but to find a good job needs the dimension of communication, the courage to expand, have expertise and so on, on this basis and good learning is of course also very good.Good study represents sureness. Sureness children in our school tend to be introverted, not good at expression, and very obedient to teachers. Generally, they only have three or two friends.Of course, high school is definitely not like this, I’m only talking about our place.From the beginning, Xiao Wang was this kind of kid.I didn’t pay much attention to her.I pay more attention to those who can sing and dance, the teacher will come in and say hello warmly, nothing also want to kan with you along while the children.She is not tall, appearance is not beautiful, sitting in the middle of the first row, class is always very serious, every day lie down and write and draw, occasionally will go to ask me a question.Kind of lost in the crowd.To my surprise, she sang a song at the New Year’s party.Her singing was not very good, but unlike some children singing like mosquitoes buzzing, her singing voice was loud and smooth, and received a lot of applause.I saw her for the first time.The second time, I found she ran 1500 meters in the sports meeting and won the second place.Her head teacher is my good friend. With the encouragement of the teacher, she becomes more and more cheerful and willing to communicate with others.Later, she would talk to me for a while when she asked me a question.I learned that she has a younger brother, and her parents work outside all the year round.I think she’s slowly opening herself up.Like a flower, it grows into a bud and grows larger and larger.Later, she took part in the interview of a technology company in the high-tech zone of our city and passed the interview once.Not to mention, she is not very attractive, found a boyfriend in the city.Now, it is both children, live a person enviable appearance.—————— Everyone has their own information cocoon.Maybe it comes from your family, maybe it comes from your teacher, maybe it’s just something you read.So, dare to break is king.Breakthrough cognition, breakthrough self, continuous development.Wang did not have a good family, but she saw the cheerful students around her, and wanted to change herself.She bravely participated in various activities, so that she became more and more brave to express, dare to show, and good at communication.It turned out that it was not her natural ability to communicate, but the environment in which she grew up.Finally, she gained both knowledge and growth in our school.Can also have a lot of children, always feel that step by step, good learning is the only standard of success, when looking for a job to regret.Our class of children practice this semester, those class cadres, usually naughty children, early to find a job.Some girls, usually good at learning, still waiting to see.I have pushed the recruitment information many times, but they dare not contact with the enterprise, always want to rely on teachers to solve.We have concentrated practice units, they are too far in the south, do not want to go.Well, you have to take it slow.