Jiao Jiao and Chen Yanan are birds of a feather are unworthy, black others just to rub traffic

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Jiaojiao and Chen Yanan just for free flow article/fat pig full circle ha ha, you still wronged?What’s wrong with you?Making more money?Jiaojiao, northeast female, born where unknown.Original name Zhang Yujiao, Jiao Jiao should be a net name or stage name, and simba (Xin Youzhi) race jinhua (Zhao Caiyun) small imphoenix, even “a dream of red Mansions” in the cloud “Jin Ping Mei” of Wu Yiner, are stage name or net name.Jiao Jiao was born in 1986, the mountain’s actor, these days to see the Internet said jiao Jiao’s master has northeast errenzhuan actor Wei SAN, Zhao Benshan’s apprentice Xie Guangkun (Tang Jianjun) and Zhao Four (Wang Xiaoli), now the three people Jiao Jiao should be who also do not recognize.A teacher for a day and a father for a lifetime doesn’t count with her. You’re my teacher. You don’t have to stay.In fact, these three teachers, to put it bluntly is short knowledge literacy low awareness poor, is a female, long still can do.If it is not called the relationship between master and apprentice, then can there be a quarrel between master Zhao Benshan today?In recent days, Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan tore to death, of course, this mountain camp so far only Zhao Benshan’s daughter went to war for a round, Zhao Benshan himself did not go.The cause is jiaojiao said her husband and Zhao Benshan partnership business failure, lost tens of millions, Jiaojiao and her husband divorced, alone to raise their two daughters.In addition, in recent years, Jiao Jiao even hundreds of pieces of a performance are not, so Jiao Jiao announced to quit the mountain media.According to online news in recent days, the first jiaojiao and her so-called husband are not married, or not necessarily got a marriage certificate.If the unmarried hypothesis is true, then there is no such thing as divorce from your husband.Second: Jiao Jiao was drying when the divorce husband gave how much money, together tens of millions, she is a big rich woman, not poor, this should not beg.Third: actress Guan Tingna and Zhao Benshan, do not say others, I do not believe.The reason is simple. People, or the audience, have been telling stories about them for years.The reason is that in the country love series, Tingna guan plays Zhao Benshan’s wife.Some say she was zhao Benshan’s imperial wife.The plot of the play, looking at anyway is enough hot eyes to put the agent into reality, how sick is this?And, even if something, it is only a few people know, you think this kind of thing Zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna can do it in front of the big guys, more than 20,000 people do it?It must be a very private matter, irrelevant personnel can not know, and how did Jiao Jiao know?Jiao Jiao is very ignorant and has no bottom line. I am not defending Zhao Benshan, but based on my personal analysis.For example: “Jiao Jiao posted a number of videos were deleted without reason, including another live broadcast platform was banned, all these, completely angered Jiao Jiao, she thinks that all this is a black box, who is the master Zhao Benshan.”In fact, do you think Zhao Benshan need to do so?Second, even if he wanted to, it wouldn’t be that easy, would it?You think his family owns the site?And if he found someone to “do” jiaojiao’s video, he himself is not afraid of “find someone to do” this thing to leave trouble?So I don’t know if Jiaojiao is a pig brain?You can be anxious, but you can’t bite like a mad dog, can you?Jiaojiao bite more and more fierce, eyes at Zhao Benshan motionless, Jiaojiao even more unbridled.In the comments section, a netizen asked about Zhao benshan and Guan Tingna, and Jiao Jiao responded directly: “True story.”Jiao Jiao really looking for disease speed is very hot, February 13 (is today, now), Jiao Jiao suddenly lost, deleted the “real story” dynamic.Its delete reason does not have to ask, afraid.In a sense, there is a legal liability.Personally, I think the reason why Jiao Jiao quarreled with Zhao Benshan is that there were few performances and little money.There is little doubt that Jiaojiao is an insatiable and unscrupulous woman.During the whole epidemic period, zhao benshan’s team’s performances were drastically reduced from 2020, which has been two years since such a difficult time.Therefore, zhao Benshan’s many disciples live on the Internet, in fact, just want to find money, get fame, accumulate fans, live with goods to get gold and so on.And Zhao Benshan a paper order, all apprentice can’t live with goods, you live play, I can’t manage, but frankly forbid to do business on the Internet to sell things.Does everybody understand that?Anyway, I understand Zhao very much. If I were Zhao, I would do better than him. I can’t play live.The reason is very simple, few of his disciples have the door, as long as the live broadcast, as long as the sale of goods, as long as you want to make money, things are bound to happen.For example, Zhao Si (Wang Xiaoli), if he has accumulated 5 million fans, he sells goods live and opens wechat business, what do you think he can sell?You can’t sell anything without a problem.He’s not like Some Diva or something, he’s a professional, there’s tons of people organizing and sourcing.Still, simba’s fake bird’s nest, Viya’s tax evasion.Therefore, I fully understand Zhao Benshan’s restriction on his disciples to live bring or sell goods, because he was afraid of an accident.And as long as his apprentices were carrying or selling goods, something was bound to happen sooner or later.If something goes wrong and the reputation of Zhao Benshan group is damaged, the TV station is not willing to cooperate with them, then no one can make money.And the supply and quality of live streaming with goods is a very professional thing. If you want to make it big, you must have a very professional person to do it.Instead of someone calling me, I have 20,000 sheets here, you sell me, I dare to accept.Take me for example, I also have a little influence, I can also live bring goods or sell goods, in short, can make money.And these years, there are many manufacturers have looked for me, all kinds of contact to my cooperation.There are also a lot of people, especially a female professor from renmin University of China, who came to me several times for this, but I insist not to do it, at least not for now.The reason is very simple, I am afraid of sorry to my heart, sorry to my conscience, sorry to my readers like my friends, sorry and do not conform to the quality of the goods I described.I cherish my feathers, all my achievements and honors are given by readers, I can not give up face, I can not earn everything.In fact, I am very grateful to my dear readers. During this period, I have received many forms of help, understanding and support. I have to be satisfied, I cannot push my luck.That’s what I think. I made it here, too.I can’t be insatiable eat as much as I can sleep as much as I can.If I had good quality goods at a reasonable price, I could sell them, maybe a lot of them, and that would be good for everyone.But I really don’t have anything good enough to sell that I’m happy with, so far.I am a poor writer, I do not go to the money eye in drill, I do not understand, jiao Jiao and Chen Yanan exactly how to think?It is better to be stigmatised than to develop destructively.I don’t get it. Why are these women so shameless?In order to achieve certain ends, there are no means at all, no means at all.I hope they will wake up one day as soon as possible.I just hope the human species doesn’t abandon them.To tell you the truth, I am still willing to put them on the road to see, in fact, you feel that Chen Yanan is willing to denigrate coat brother?And coat brother’s silly son, at the beginning Chen Yanan is willing to hold the so-called wedding with him?I’m sure she won’t, but why are we having it?And at that time countless people watching the event predicted that it was: rabbit tail – not long, when Chen Yanan’s wings hard to fly, unfortunately hit, to the point, Chen Yanan really fly.I see many people say Chen Yanan beauty, I see is a snobbish woman by hook or crook.Indeed, it was not to denigrate her, but to be flattering. Can you not see that?Chen Yanan and coat brother’s stupid son hold a wedding, in order to attract the Chinese style bottom line is very low very stupid very naive shameless fans.And Chen Yanan and her father and mother are really desperate, old old face do not want, small more indifferent.Jiaojiao is the same, if she does not play Zhao Benshan’s edge ball, will not be two months, no one will remember her.Though it can be said that almost everything she has, including the so-called rich husband she found, is owed to Zhao benshan and her platform.But, she didn’t approve of it, or maybe she did, but she had to tear it up on paper.Because she did not tear, people soon forgot her.The truth is really cruel!And, more tear more famous, more tear, more popular!I can only interpret this as the development of the geek, the more weird, the more like the monster, the less good, the more fans, the more profits.For Jiao Jiao, its present practice, almost cruising on the edge of illegal crime.Even, you scold Zhao Benshan can, you said you pull on tingna why?Is she shutting you down or is she keeping you from something?Zhao: What are you talking about?Kwan: Why am I involved?The cause of the event, is the original connotation of insufficient jiaojiao these years too smooth, had no capital and ability of jiaojiao, because met Zhao Benshan and her platform, just make her almost rise to the top.She lost control of herself and repaid zhao benshan with her complaint.Jiao Jiao’s huge wealth accumulated in recent years is really unworthy, its personal repair is still below the bottom line, but its wealth has been on the spire of the nine-story pagoda.Serious unworthiness!Someone told me a saying in northeast China: do not know how big their pants wear!When you grovel, forget it?Poor did not lie on the ground to say the vulgar point, jiao Jiao is to use Zhao Benshan’s gossip fool flow, but fools are willing to see ah.In fact, There is no relationship between Zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna, only related to the two of them and each other’s family, nothing to do with others.But among the masses of “discipline committee cadres” too much, although not stained with fishy smell that also want to gather together a lively, the results are for others to do wedding clothes, for others to go flow.This is a family statement, many words may not sound good, but I follow my own inner feelings, thank you!Beijing writer and scriptwriter Lao Li 14022022 Yu Cheng