Practice of civilization in the new north | of the fifteenth day of the first round Make lanterns opportunely anniversary reunion

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“The moon is full on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month” refers to the night of the first full moon of the year.In order to inherit the traditional culture, create a good festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of residents, on the afternoon of February 11, Huashan community new era civilization practice station carried out the “fifteenth day of the moon is round, skillfully make lanterns to celebrate reunion” activity.At the beginning of the activity, the party member volunteers led everyone to understand the cycle changes of the moon through the short film. The children watched the starry sky and the varied moon in the short film with relish, and recorded the changes of the moon phases on the paper.Next, we will help you to consolidate what you have learned about the phases of the moon.The memory of the Lantern Festival, indispensable is to eat yuanxiao, we actively participate in the question and answer, got the prize small yuanxiao, both learning the knowledge of the moon and taste the traditional culture.In the DIY part of lantern, parents and children hold hands together, refer to the production instructions, and complete the steps of dismantling, fastening, fixing and so on. In the active atmosphere of mutual help, children and parents together made a delicate and lovely little tiger lantern.The lanterns “the fifteenth day of the moon is round, qiao do celebrate reunion” activities, to invite community residents together, together to explore the mysterious phases of the moon during the Lantern Festival, in combination with the lantern custom DIY little tiger lantern, not only inherits the traditional culture, inspired everyone’s interest in science, exercise all begin with the ability to think, also for parent-child interaction provides a platform for communication.Point to share, point to collect