The casting of the new Version of “Leaning on The Sky and Killing the Dragon” failed?Actually, you don’t understand Wang Jing

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I still remember director Wang Jing once said: no one can shoot commercial films better than me!Wang Jing from the director career resume, Wang Jing for their own evaluation of this sentence is really well deserved.However, the two works “Jiuyang Shengong” and “Flame Heroic Wind”, which have been launched on the network platform recently, have caused many netizens and audiences to ridicule.In fact, adapting Jin Yong’s classic martial arts novels for the screen is a courageous challenge in its own right.On the one hand, the high-density content that literary works can accommodate can hardly be fully interpreted in film and television works.On the other hand, there are all kinds of classic movies and TV works adapted from Martial arts masters such as Jin Yong Gulong, which is also difficult to break through.Does a lot of ridicule from netizens mean that the two new versions of “Lean On Heaven and Slay The Dragon” themselves lack strength?A closer look at the opinions and comments online shows that this is not the case.In fact, there are a lot of netizens will be dissatisfied with the point of qiu Yi thick and cloud qianqian two actresses, that the appearance of two people themselves is not suitable for playing Zhou Zhi if and small zhao two roles.Interestingly, wen Yongshan, who played Zhao Min in The film, was not similarly praised.I believe that the audience of the new version of “Leaning on Heaven and Killing Dragons” will also be able to help issue such an exclamation.In summary, there is only one reasonable speculation: Wang Jing’s version of “Lean on Heaven and Slay The Dragon” actually shows director Wang Jing’s preference for the role of Zhao Min.In addition to the above strategy of “red flower with green leaf” in casting, which increases the audience’s preference for Zhao Min in the visual level, another big evidence is that zhao Min decides to commit zhang Wuji to her life at the end of the film.Thus, the audience can truly feel the undying love between Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji.As for the two people in the drama is how the sugar show love, it is left to the audience to experience the film.Even leaving aside controversial elements such as casting, the two new versions are worth watching as a whole.First of all, the audience willing to watch “Lean On Heaven and Slay The Dragon” online on New Year’s Day must have some kind of Jin Yong and martial arts complex.Director Wang Jing has a good grasp of the commercial elements in the film, especially the action scenes, martial arts design and special effects, are very attractive to the audience, if you use the screen at home to watch, there will be a sense of both in the cinema.For example, at the very beginning of The Novel, the audience feels a tense atmosphere of tension through exciting battles and dangerous organs.In addition to the visual and visual effects, the new version also has a serious cast: Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Lin Feng, Fan Shao-Huang and other strong actors, just one of them could satisfy our fantasy of Cha wuxia.For both initial feelings and entertainment, director Wang Jing’s “Heavenly Sword” and “Heavenly Sword” are worth watching.