Unforgettable new Soldier company, unforgettable that dish of special dumplings

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In December 2001, I joined the army and boarded a train bound for the north. I went to Hebei province, more than 1,000 kilometers away from my home, to serve as a soldier.In memory, the northern winter is particularly cold, but often recall me and my comrades in the cold wind has always been brave and tenacious spirit, military posture queue, capture tactics and other training, the heart is always warm.It was the first Time I spent the Spring Festival in a foreign land since I was 18 years old. To tell you the truth, I felt a little homesick, especially when the whole family sat together to enjoy the Reunion dinner, watch the Spring Festival Gala and make dumplings.What is the Spring Festival like in the new Army Company?I’m curious and looking forward to it.After the 23rd lunar New Year in the North, the taste of the New Year in the camp gradually became rich.Comrades stick Spring Festival couplets and hang lanterns together…There was a joyous atmosphere everywhere.As dusk fell on that day, the whole new army company was already in a festive mood.Camp gate hung with a pair of red lanterns, “celebrate the Spring Festival” four golden characters on the surface of the lantern is particularly eye-catching, red couplets and red lanterns, in the snow-covered landscape is particularly festive.New Year’s Eve night, the cadres ahead of schedule to replace all the soldiers on duty, stick to their posts on duty, guarding the lights, let the soldiers have a good holiday;The commanders and leaders also specially came to visit us in the new training team, and sent New Year’s greetings to everyone. The shining words of warm blessings and kind greetings warmed the hearts of the soldiers.In the well-lit room, his comrades talked and laughed together, played chess together;In the barracks hallways, recruits line up to call their families by magnetic card telephones.Watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve is also an essential content, we gather in the activity center to watch the “Spring Festival Gala”, in the laughter, ringing out the old and ringing in the new, the monitor with some soldiers in the training ground set off fireworks and firecrackers.Fireworks blossomed in the air, reflecting the night sky of the whole training ground, looking up at the gorgeous fireworks, I also silently made a wish for the coming year in my heart.At this time, cooking monitor to greet us: “dumplings good!”My comrades and I marched to the canteen, looking at the table of those dumplings that we made, everyone could not help laughing.The dumplings on the plate are all kinds of, with the characteristics of north and South. Although they are not pretty, they have special meaning.Eating their own dumplings, I feel particularly fragrant.The Spring Festival I spent in the New Army Company in 2002 was my first Spring Festival without my family.But that Spring Festival is the most unforgettable, memorable and proud Spring Festival in my life.That Spring Festival, I went to a remote husband and wife outpost…Flameout | Snow area border pass, guarding in the depths of the mountains in the year of FLameout | New Year on the battlefield, we are the magnificent mountains and rivers of the people’s Liberation Army wechat release broadcast: Hao Cheng Bo editor: Xiang Xiaoxin