Approaching Paris, president + Prime Minister!

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Thousands of opponents of COVID-19 restrictions from across France drove to the outskirts of Paris on Monday (local time).French President Emmanuel Macron has appealed for calm as protesters close in on the capital.According to radio France Internationale, AFP and other media, hundreds of cars, trailers and minivans from Lille, Strasbourg and other French cities stopped outside Paris on The evening of November 11 local time to protest against COVID-19 restrictions.A police source said no convoy had entered Paris at the time.The French protesters included opponents of vaccines and people angry about rapidly rising energy prices, the report said, inspired by protests by truck drivers in Canada.French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Tuesday that he understood the “fatigue” associated with COVID-19, but that his government wanted to avoid violence in the capital just two months before presidential elections.”This fatigue can also lead to anger.I understand and respect that.But I appeal for maximum calm.”He said.French Prime Minister Jean Castay also told reporters on Thursday that if protesters block traffic or try to block the capital, they must take very firm measures.Thousands of opponents of coronavirus restrictions from across France drove to the outskirts of Paris on Monday and set up camp in the area, intending to defy a government ban and enter the city, reports said.The Paris police headquarters said nearly 7,200 police and gendarmes would be deployed over the next three days to enforce a ban on protest convoys, according to reports from protesters across France.Macron announced in July last year that the French government would take a series of measures to prevent the outbreak from rebounding, including mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19 for health care workers.French Prime Minister Castay also said last month that from The 24th of the same month, all French people aged 16 and above should show proof of full vaccination when entering restaurants, bars, theatres, domestic flights and inter-city trains. Those who only provide negative proof of Novel Coronavirus test will not be allowed to pass.French police warned on Wednesday that they would stop so-called “freedom convoys” blocking traffic in Paris as protesters against COVID-19 regulations began driving to the capital, AFP reported.Inspired by the truckers who brought Canada’s capital Ottawa to a standstill, truck drivers and other motorists across France were responding to a call to meet in Paris on Sunday, the report said.Source: Huanqiu