Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone distributes Chinese New Year bags

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, as the transfer of the party and government to overseas Chinese nationals, deep concern to help fellow in a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the Chinese embassy in sierra leone “package” Spring Festival ceremony, ambassador zhang liang hu attended and delivered a speech, China chamber of commerce, China chamber of commerce, Confucius institute director, industry representatives and representatives in compatriots.Ambassador Hu said that the Chinese citizens and overseas Chinese in Senegal are facing many difficulties and pressures with the new COVID-19 outbreak, but they have also shown courage, perseverance and mutual help.The Party and government are always concerned about the health and safety of our overseas compatriots, and the Chinese Embassy has worked hard to provide support and assistance to Chinese institutions and overseas Chinese in Serbia.In the coming New Year, in order to inform the care of the party and the government, the embassy for needy fellow in package “Spring Festival”, to give you a sincere love and good wishes, also hope you confidence and determination, continue to implement all measures to fall fine, strictly to do a good job of disease prevention and control and safety production, etc.I wish all our compatriots in Serbia a happy New Year, peace, peace, health and happiness.Present Chinese citizens and Chinese representative sincerely thank the embassy elaborate package “Spring Festival”, said the country’s care care in compatriots feel more warmth, more firmly you overcome COVID – 19 outbreak and difficult confidence and the New Year we will continue striving, striving, brave, to strive for better development, contributing to plug in the friendly cooperation shall have the power.END