Role model!Chongqing TV interviews this “Sichuan Uyghur”

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On March 30th and 31st, Chongqing TV and Chongqing News Channel’s Chongqing Interview broadcast the personal interview of Luo Li, the chief technician of Chuanwei Chemical Company, in different time periods, which fully demonstrated how luo Li, the representative of the industrial workers of the new era, has been rooted in the front line of quality inspection of chemical enterprises for more than 30 years.From an apprentice who just stepped into a job, he grew into a national model worker, a delegate to the 18th and 19th CPC National Congresses, and a “master of skills” in Chongqing.As the “celebrity” of Sichuan Wei, Luo Li based on the post in the study of the spirit of unremitting pursuit, the technical innovation of continuous exploration of the specialized research spirit, as well as to their own work, to “help” selfless dedication……Her story is almost familiar to every Chuan Wei and often inspires us.An interview with the chongqing “is the most influential figures in chongqing TV interview program, interviewed a former UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, the chief executive of the Hong Kong special administrative region secretary lam and other dignitaries, was also in the program and liu, dong mingzhu, Su Bing leaders in all walks of life such as dialogue, reported on rural teachers, the drug war heroes, such as role models, since the beginning,More than 500 guests at home and abroad have been interviewed, and achieved a good social response.This interview is not only an outstanding representative of promoting contemporary industrial workers, but also a demonstration of the image of China Petrochemical and Chuanwei Chemical enterprises, as well as the spirit of petrochemical employees and “Chuanwei people”. Let’s enter chongqing Interview: National Model Worker Luo Li, chief Technician of Sinopec Chuanwei Chemical Company.National model worker Luo Li, chief technician of Sinopec Chuanwei Chemical Co., LTD. : She is a chemical inspector and has been dealing with bottles and cans for 30 years.Her 30 years have witnessed the growth of China’s industrial workers.Chongqing Interview talks with Luo Li, a national model worker and chief technician of Sinopec Chuanwei Chemical Company, to see how she has developed a pair of “fiery eyes”.Open China’s first model worker craftsman proverbs calendar, Luo Li among them.During the interview, she took this precious “little red book” with her.Lori will retire in two months, and our interview is her last video record before she leaves the qc post.Lorrie: What is analysis?You may not know the status of our samples, the state of the sample that we have a solid, liquid, and gaseous, do you think this is one of our automatic inlet zone, for example we have ten, eight samples, we can collect at the same time, and then through our chromatogram to show the final results.Reporter: As long as the factory does not stop production, we have been testing work?Lorrie: Yes, we have people on the day shift, the middle shift and the night shift. We work 24 hours a day.Reporter: you are working on this post after graduation from technical school, can you find it boring?Lorrie: In the eyes of outsiders, our work is either simple, boring or monotonous.However, I think it is quite interesting, just like a person’s marriage, before marriage, choose what you love, but after marriage, you must love what you choose.In 1993, 21-year-old Luo Li graduated from the technical school of Chuanwei Factory and was assigned to the sub-inspection workshop. Her daily work is to inspect incoming raw materials, semi-finished products on the assembly line and chemical products delivered from the factory.Day after day, the eyes of others plain, but in her eyes.Reporter: As long as the factory does not stop production, we have been testing work?Lorrie: In this building, we do product analysis downstairs, testing polyvinyl alcohol. It is also one of our four golden flowers. A European train left just two days ago.Reporter: how does this golden flower say?Does it sell well?Lorrie: One is that it sells well, and the other is that it’s high-tech.Reporter: How much of the technology content do you think you detect?Lorrie: It can be said that we are the first to test any product.All products circulating in the market, whether it is consumer goods or chemical products, if you do not have inspection technology, can not judge its quality characteristics, it can not be circulated in the market.You say your product is good, but what is good about it? You want its quality characteristics to measure it.That measurement is our detection technology, so our detection technology is the first mover.Reporter: Polyvinyl alcohol is mainly used for what?Lorrie: It has many uses, such as food, medicine, building materials, and national defense.Reporter: is this the fist product of our chuan Wei factory?Lorrie: It’s our best product. It’s also sold in Europe.In fact, domestic polyvinyl alcohol invaded the European market, lori responsible for the chemical inspection link contributed to.In 2012, she and her colleagues pioneered the introduction of near-infrared analysis technology in process control, greatly saving manpower and testing time, and making domestic polyvinyl alcohol more competitive in the market.Lorrie: NIR analysis technology doesn’t have to change its shape, and it’s also very environmentally friendly. It won’t damage the sample.After testing, samples can be reused.The most important thing is to improve the quality of our products.Just like when we walk, when there is a runway, people will run off track when running, the production line is the same, it will also run off track, but run off track, do not know whether it runs off 50 degrees, 40 degrees, or 30 degrees, it needs our detection data to tune.Turns out, it takes us six hours to give you feedback, and you didn’t know you were off track.But now it’s different. Now it can tell you in five minutes.Therefore, the improvement of detection efficiency has a direct impact on the excellent product rate of our products. Our excellent product rate has increased from 60% to more than 95%.”Detection technology first, promote product transformation and upgrading.”This was what Lori used to say to her disciples.In 2017, she used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to detect trace benzene in VAE (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), increasing the detection limit from mg level to microgram level, to win more high-end customers for the enterprise.Lorrie: For example, when we buy rice, oil, salt, sauces, vinegar and tea, we are not only concerned about whether there is organic food, whether there are preservatives and additives, and the same applies to our chemical products.For high-end customers, he must not only require purity, but also impurity content.This requires our quality inspection department to develop corresponding standards according to different customers to meet the changes in market consumer demand.Reporter: Most of the industrial workers in that era probably took the same path, graduated from technical school and then went to the factory.But have you ever had the experience that maybe real learning doesn’t begin until you get to work?Lorrie: Yes.When I entered that factory, I also felt that my eyes were black and I could do nothing.Some of the instruments are in English. When the master teaches you, he also asks you to press this key and press that key. We follow the master’s footsteps stupidly.Because many of our teachers are educated youth, they are more difficult than us to learn.So I think, post is the best training, work is the best teacher.Because no, you have to learn it.Lorrie: I remember buying a computer 286 in the early 1990s.At that time, it was very special. Few people in our factory bought it at that time, because learning computer required learning English, so they forced themselves to learn it, because it was necessary for their work.I don’t want to be like that, mechanical and silly. I also hope that although I am a worker, I should be thoughtful, skilled and dignified.Reporter: What has inspired you most about the process of self-learning?Lorrie: Perseverance is very important. In fact, at that time, everyone had the motivation to learn. When we worked together in the factory, there were also many people in our technical school.I think I should have been more consistent.From an ordinary worker to a national model worker and elected as a delegate to the 18th and 19th National Congresses of the CPC, Luo Li witnessed and participated in the modernization and transformation of enterprises. She is also a model and epitome of Chinese industrial workers to realize their self-value and gain social respect.Lorrie: When I went to take the technician exam, my master didn’t think much of me either, but I was quite persistent, such a silly person.In 2003, the country put the skilled personnel into the management of talent category, I was particularly happy, I was the first group to register for the selection of technicians.For our company, in 2003, the proportion of senior employees was only 10%, so far, our senior employees are above 75%.These years, we from the junior workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians, senior technicians, now there are special technicians, now our company special technicians have three, I am one of them.The change of this structure can reflect the change of our skill team.Reporter: How do you teach your apprentices in the process of mentoring and how do you influence them?Lorrie: Only when you do yourself well, can you influence others with your words and deeds.In my opinion, the best state is to live as a light, you can not influence others.Chemical testing posts, more should be rigorous and responsibility is the first.Because there is no such word as “almost” in our work, even a slight difference needs to be calculated.Video and picture source: Chongqing TV, The First Eye News production: Yang Jingyu, Yang Tingting Responsible editor: Yang Tingting