Versatile vegetable meat filling, do steamed stuffed bun and dumplings are suitable, this vegetable meat package children eat a quasi full!

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The versatile minced meat is also suitable for steamed buns and dumplings, and the meat is very full for children to eat.In Chinese breakfast, steamed bread is a lot of people like food, the kinds of steamed stuffed bun filling is especially rich, can be made into sugar bag, milk yellow bag, vegetable bag, meat bag, etc., today recommended to do all-purpose meat, the meat can not only pack steamed stuffed bun, but also can pack dumplings and wonton, light nutrition, the whole family like.How to do steamed bread is delicious, the following I did a few days ago meat dumplings to everyone, this all-purpose vegetable meat, steamed stuffed bun and dumplings are suitable, big food stuffing to eat a half full!1, foreskin ingredients mix ratio: wheat flour 500 grams, yeast 5 grams, water 280 grams, foam powder 1 grams, sugar 20 grams, cooking oil 10 grams, salt 1 grams, put all the ingredients into the dough machine, and smooth dough neutralization, so that the fermentation into the original 2 times.2. The vegetables in the filling are vegetables, cabbage, seasonal vegetables, etc. I use the heart of Guangzhou vegetables to wash the heart of vegetables, and then add salt to cook for 35 minutes.Chop the vegetable cores and wring them out.3, meat selection of pork or core meat, 3 minutes of fat and lean 7 minutes of fine, add salt, chopped green onion, ginger, green pepper powder, pepper, a little thirteen incense, chicken essence, an egg, raw extraction, sugar, sesame oil, etc.Stir the meat gently. If it’s too wet, add the sweet potato starch and chop the vegetables.4, the key to the package is wheat flour, flour must be twice the size of the original fermentation, the organization structure relaxation to form porous, steamed bread delicious.5. After the dough is fermented, it is rubbed by exhaust and divided into equal sized small agents to form a round shape.Please roll it thin with a rolling pin and cover it with filling of vegetables and meat.Grease a baking tray, place the buns in the oven and steam them for 23 minutes, or bake them directly for better flavour.When steaming, don’t forget to steam for 2 minutes to prevent the soda from falling into the bag and shrinking.Especially the big meat package, plus milk, soy milk, porridge, breakfast children eat a steamed bread will be full, free words, you also try.