Daxiang District held a meeting on epidemic prevention

2022-06-17 0 By

On the afternoon of January 23, Wang Jun, Secretary of daxiang District Party Committee, presided over a meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control work in the district to re-mobilize, re-arrange and re-deploy the epidemic prevention and control work in the district.Deputy secretary of the district Party committee, district chief Zeng Qiao Lin, district Deputy Secretary Chen Rong, district CPPCC Chairman Li Jianghui, district Committee standing committee, standing deputy district chief Wu Fangding to participate in the dispatching meeting.Wang jun pointed out that with the Spring Festival approaching, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complicated due to the large flow of people.The whole district must enhance their awareness, strengthen their sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, resolutely overcome the idea of paralysis, and implement all prevention and control measures in detail and in place.Wang Jun stressed that the first is to strengthen the publicity, grassroots cadres should send warm reminders, let the public friends strengthen the awareness of wearing masks to travel prevention, multiple measures to enhance the awareness of health prevention and control of the masses, create a mass prevention and control atmosphere, build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention.Second, it is necessary to strengthen the control of key checkpoints, closed-loop management, strict access, disinfection of farmers’ markets should be in place, to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in farmers’ markets, and relevant departments should further strengthen dispatching to meet the needs of the people.Third, we should strengthen the flow investigation and investigation work, ensure that no one is missed, no blind spot is left, and no suspected object is missed. We should conduct comprehensive investigation and comprehensively grasp the potential risks and hidden dangers in the area under our jurisdiction, make sure that the base number is clear and the situation is clear, and control the risk points and people’s placement in the first time to avoid people gathering and prevent cross infection.Fourth, we need to increase supplies and ensure a stable supply chain for daily necessities, especially for medical necessities such as masks, disinfectants and reagents.Fifth, efforts should be made to strengthen vaccination work, strengthen needle vaccination work, clarify operational procedures, improve work efficiency, and enhance the detection and self-protection capabilities of primary medical institutions.Sixth, the on-duty personnel should be in place. The epidemic prevention and control headquarters should arrange the on-duty personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day.