Does the battery of new energy vehicle have radiation in the end

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Is there radiation in the battery of new energy vehicles?There are many comments on the Internet that “electric cars have radiation”, and many people suffer from dizziness and nausea when driving or riding electric cars. Netizens comment that all these are caused by the radiation of electric cars’ batteries.New energy vehicles have become the inevitable trend of the development of future vehicles, so do electric vehicles have radiation?Is there any harm to the human body if there is radiation?There are two kinds of radiation, one is called ionizing radiation, this radiation is generally in the hospital to do X-ray examination and CT examination will be exposed, and as long as not every day to do radiation examination, there is no need to X-ray, CT examination excessive worry and anxiety.Another kind of radiation is electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation is not only new energy vehicles, even fuel cars will have electromagnetic radiation, such as large screens and other electronic equipment carried in the car.In addition, the electronic devices we use also have electromagnetic radiation.The power of new energy vehicles mainly comes from lithium batteries. After lithium batteries are connected in series, the voltage will be added, and the thermal effect will lead to the instability of the internal structure.In order to avoid too high voltage, oems will connect dozens of small lithium batteries in series to provide the basic working voltage, and then design several groups of batteries in parallel to provide the high current.Many people think that the voltage of a small lithium battery block is 3.7V. The sum of dozens of lithium batteries is very terrible. Therefore, the radiation of new energy vehicles is mainly from batteries.But we can’t just look at the numerical value, in life, when opening a lighter can also release 10 billion level of “electromagnetic radiation”, the light frequency we see can also reach 10 billion level.Electromagnetic radiation, if we put aside the dose to talk about harm, is actually playing rogue.The United Nations safety standard for electromagnetic intensity is 100μT.Instantaneous radiation from a mobile phone call can reach 3μT.The radiation value of hair dryer can reach 10μT;The standard for mobile communication base station is 40μT;Cars, however, don’t exceed 20μT, and by cars I mean all cars.If you measure the electromagnetic radiation, electric cars are actually lower than some gasoline cars, even near the charging port of the car, about 10μT, but if you test them inside the car, the electromagnetic radiation is almost zero.First-line independent brand new energy vehicles will have professional electromagnetic radiation detection before leaving the factory, the vehicle’s magnetic field must be controlled within the strength of no harm to the human body, and there can be no interference between the electronic equipment in the same car.Electric cars actually use direct current, which has a fixed transmission direction but an infinite period of change. Theoretically, the frequency is zero.That is to say, the magnetic field generated by the direct current is a constant magnetic field, rather than electromagnetic radiation generated by electric excitation. Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation of electric vehicles mostly comes from the electronic equipment carried by the car itself, which is no different from the fuel car.To sum up, the so-called new energy car electromagnetic radiation damage to the human body is really a legend, we don’t need to make a fuss, if really afraid of electromagnetic radiation, rather than tangle to choose not to choose new energy vehicles, it is better to use less mobile phones, computers, especially when mobile phone charging.Although the electromagnetic radiation of new energy vehicles has no effect on health, but when charging, try not to be in the car, because when charging, after all, is connected to the high voltage interface, in case there is any accident is really can not afford.To be safe, it’s best to leave the car while charging.