Good news!Qinhuangdao Second Hospital launches 365 days without holidays “Director expert outpatient Service”

2022-06-17 0 By

In order to improve the medical experience of the masses and maximize the convenience of patients, Qinhuangdao Second Hospital has launched 365 days of outpatient service without holidays.A few days ago, the leaders of The Second Hospital of Qinhuangdao learned in the survey that there were several cases of patients who went to the hospital recently: One is that many elderly patients walk alone because young people in their families go out to work without being accompanied.Second, some children went home to accompany their parents and relatives to see a doctor during the Spring Festival, but they found that they had to wait in a long line because of overcrowding.Third, some people accompany their relatives to see a doctor, but find that many experienced doctors or experts have not been home, some examinations can not be done, only to return with regret.Such ridicule caused the hospital leaders to attach great importance to the use of the hospital and its limited medical resources, through comprehensive planning and coordination, determined to solve the problem of people to see a doctor difficult to queue up for a long time, and from this month to fully implement the “no holiday director expert outpatient service”.No holiday, director of the expert outpatient service, refers to the various branches of ministy and experts take uninterrupted throughout the year outpatient service, guarantee the patients 365 days throughout the year to the director of the hospital to see a doctor can be found in related departments or expert interrogation, weekends and statutory holidays are also accepts, TCM pharmacy, clinical laboratory, radiology department and other relevant medical departments all normal open, and working days there is no difference,The charges remain unchanged.In order to ensure the normal operation of “No holiday director and expert clinic”, the hospital has given full support and mobilization from the aspects of personnel arrangement, equipment maintenance, cleaning and medical supplies supply.The clinical medical technology department, outpatient department, medical department, nursing department, information department, equipment department, logistics support department and other departments have made full preparations for cooperation and coordination.Since then, patients come to the hospital on holidays, no matter they seek treatment from experienced directors or experts, or do examinations and take reports, they are the same as usual.At the same time, also increased the holiday hospital clinical department outpatient service scheduling management and adjusted with the center of disease outpatient service layout, distinguish the medical surgical clinic has opened on the basis of orthopaedics, psychological counseling, and other characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine clinic and MDT multidisciplinary treatment center, visit doctors all by intermediate at least the attending physician,To maximize the convenience of one-stop medical treatment for patients, it not only solves the concerns of patients that there is no good doctor in the hospital on weekends and holidays, but also solves the distress of going to big hospitals such as Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai for treatment and consultation due to some difficult diseases.In addition, the relevant administrative departments of the hospital also strengthened supervision and inspection, and introduced rewards and punishment measures such as linking department directors and experts’ on-site visiting and signing with department performance assessment, to ensure the timely, effective and orderly implementation of the diagnosis and treatment work of “No holiday Director expert Clinic”.No holiday clinic hours (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays all day) : summer 07:30-12:00 am;14:30-17:30 winter 8:00-12:00;14:00-18:00 Qinhuangdao Second Hospital reminds the general public: the doctor schedule can be searched by searching the wechat public number of Qinhuangdao Second Hospital to choose the Internet hospital or the small program of Qinhuangdao Second Hospital.You can also make an appointment for registration, nucleic acid appointment, payment and payment, download electronic invoices and inquire outpatient test reports, outpatient and inpatient lists, etc., through the wechat public account and mini program of the hospital.(Wang Hailiang)