Guiyang Experiment 3 middle school: set off a fever of ice and snow sports

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On January 17, guiyang No.3 Experimental Middle School team, representing Guiyang, won the bronze medal of women’s team in the land curling team competition of the 11th Guizhou Provincial Games.Guiyang No.3 Experimental Middle School has been selected as the National “Traditional Characteristic School of Ice and snow Sports” since 2019. It has implemented indoor skiing and land curling, two common ice and snow sports in northern schools, so that its students can experience the fun of ice and snow sports in this southern school.With the winter Olympic Games held, ice and snow sports continue to heat up, the school’s ice and snow elective module is also popular among students, becoming a “hot project” in the school.It is reported that since December 2019, when the school was selected as the national “Traditional Characteristic School of Ice and snow Sports”, the school has focused on indoor skiing and land curling as its main activities.Since 2020, the school has started to popularize ice and snow sports and prepared for the construction of ice and snow sports hall. After the hall is completed and put into use in October 2021, ice and snow sports classes will be officially opened.At present, the school’s ice and snow sports class has been fully covered, and students can choose ice and snow modules according to their interests in PE, optional courses and club classes.In the multi-million yuan snow and ice sports training center, the ski training center consists of two large indoor ski machines 9.5 meters long and 4.8 meters wide and three standard land curling courses 24 meters long.”Ten students from each of the 50 classes will be selected to participate in the ice and snow module. Those who fail will be given priority next semester, so that all students can take turns learning.”Xia Zhaowei, a sports teacher at the school, said students’ enthusiasm for the snow and ice program has been growing since the school started it.After opening the ice and snow program, the PE teachers of the school went to Liupanshui to participate in the training of related programs.Through further study, a team of 10 teachers of ice and snow project has been formed.”We have about 48 students attending each class and the students are very serious.In 2020, the school invested millions of yuan to build a professional training hall and buy professional slides.The conditions have improved, the children appreciate the opportunity more and take it more seriously.”The northern project is of great interest not only to the students and teachers of the Southern school, but also to “other sister schools coming to visit our school,” Said Joseph Hsia.This is a common term in curling. It is also the loudest voice that Guiyang Experimental No. 3 Middle School shouted in the land curling team competition of the winter event of the 11th Guizhou Provincial Games.In this competition, Guiyang Experimental No. 3 Middle School won the bronze medal of women’s team on behalf of Guiyang.According to Xia Zhaowei, in 2020, Guiyang City designated our school to form a team to participate in the land curling winter event of the 11th Guizhou Provincial Sports Meeting. More than 20 students were selected by our school to prepare for the competition.Curling is known as the “chess on ice”. “It tests the participants’ physical strength and mental capacity, shows the beauty of movement and movement, and shows the wisdom of making choices. It belongs to the Winter Olympic Games.”‘Every time a player throws a curling ball, accuracy is critical,’ Mr. Joseph Joseph says.The acceleration in the slide to determine the direction in which to let go is all done with a small movement.The inner circle of the base camp, 30 meters away, is only 30 centimeters in diameter. There are only four seconds between starting and releasing the curling stone. The athletes have to judge the ice, estimate their speed, and decide when to finally let go.”It takes both strategy and force.”It accelerates the curling by sweeping the ice and melting the surface ice.”An effective sweep can affect the speed and direction of the curling, so the sweep is also figuratively called the swipe.”Joseph Joseph Said.Before the competition, Joseph Xia and several PE teachers gathered high-level games for students to watch and learn the tactics of these excellent teams.”Thinking in the game, using tactics, that is what we win as a team.”Xia Zhaowei told reporters that in the land curling winter event of the 11th Guizhou Provincial Games, their opponents are students from Liupanshui and Zunyi sports colleges, which is equivalent to amateur teams competing with professional teams.”We started intensive training one month before the competition, one hour a day, with the joint efforts of all departments of the school, we intensified the practice.”Joseph Xia admitted that his team had not expected to win a medal before the competition, but the students’ enthusiasm and competitiveness were very strong.With the tacit cooperation of the team members and their hard work, Guiyang No.3 Experimental Middle School won the bronze medal of the women’s team.”It was our first time and we learned a lot during the competition.The sports school students are above us in technology.Our children want to, can not do, strength, endurance is a little bit less.”According to Joseph Xia, the students of the University will have more opportunities to participate in different kinds of sports with the continuous improvement of their snow and ice sports skills and the increasing popularity of snow and ice sports across the country. They will enhance their physique, willpower and courage while enjoying the fun of snow and ice.At present, the school is actively exploring the development path of ice and snow sports in southern campus, making “ice and snow sports” become the specialty of the school students, and realizing the development of sports and moral education.(Du Li, rong Media reporter, Guiyang Daily)