New interconnect technology is expected to be the “golden key” to explore the new generation of integrated circuit technology

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Ever since the invention of the transistor, integrated circuit technology has been developing in accordance with Moore’s Law.However, after entering 5nm and other advanced process nodes, Moore’s Law slows down due to the rapid increase in the technical difficulty of integrated circuit process, which leads to the slow evolution of advanced process.As we all know, integrated circuit is the pillar industry of various thriving national economic industries in Our country at present, and it is also the prominent short board that restricts our country to continue to realize the long-term goal of socialist modernization. In particular, under the background of our country’s integrated circuit technology being restricted by foreign countries, it is particularly urgent to explore a new generation of integrated circuit technology.Not long ago, under the promotion of China Computer Interconnection Technology Alliance, Wuxi Semiconductor Interconnection Technology Research Institute and Wuxi Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Interconnection Technology Industry Service Center were established, which is an important attempt for China to explore the development path of the new generation of integrated circuit technology and has strategic significance.For this reason, the reporter an exclusive dialogue wuxi core optical interconnection technology research institute, wuxi core IC interconnection technology in light industry service center director, secretary general of the China computer interconnection technology alliance, a researcher with the calculations of the Chinese Hao Qin Fen, let’s focus in the Moore era based on the integrated circuit interconnection technology how to solve the integrated circuit industry development bottleneck problem.(The picture is provided by Hao Qinfen, president of Wuxi Semiconductor Interconnection Technology Research Institute, director of Wuxi Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Interconnection Technology Industry Service Center, Secretary General of China Computer Interconnection Technology Alliance and researcher of Institute of Computing Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences.) Bottleneck, where is the evolution direction of traditional IC in post-Moore era?At present, the advanced manufacturing process of integrated circuit has come to a standstill, and the evolution of Moore’s Law has slowed down. As the crystallization of the development of physical chemistry, which direction will the traditional integrated circuit industry evolve?In the post-Moorish era, what are the technological evolution, innovation direction and opportunities of chip design?”Over the past 60 years, the integrated circuit industry has evolved at such a rapid rate that a mainframe in the 1960s could not possibly surpass the performance of a mobile phone today.”Hao Qinfen believes that over the past half century, the integrated circuit industry has been following the trajectory of Moore’s Law high-speed development.Nowadays, as it is extremely difficult to further improve the integrated circuit technology, it is difficult to meet the demand of explosive growth of business scale brought by the era of big data and artificial intelligence by simply improving the technology to improve the transistor density and thus the chip performance.Traditional integrated circuit industry by optimizing the switch components such as material, innovation, the transistor structure, constantly breakthrough feature sizes, to put in more transistors in the same area, the road has been close to the limit, continue to improve the transistor density even if the technology is feasible and can bring huge and difficult to bear the cost of this and the integrated circuit industry run counter to the intrinsic nature of the economy.Moore’s Law is slowing, but the IC industry will continue to advance.”The traditional IC industry will continue to evolve along the lines of advanced IC manufacturing, but at a slower pace.”Transistor Hao Qin Fen said, before a year and a half time to increase the density of 1 times, now may not be able to do this, could be a few years, even more than ten years to improve 1 times, the reason is because of the influence of the quantum tunneling effect, the evolution of advanced process cannot continue to maintain the rhythm of the before, the evolution of Moore’s law will slow, but at the same time, it will appear some new technical direction.The evolution of Moore’s Law is slowing down, which seems to be unfavorable, but in fact may create opportunities for the pursuers. Hao Jinfen believes that most of the world’s industries that rely on the integrated circuit industry will likely stay in the demand for 5/7nm or even more backward processes for a long time.A few industries, such as mobile phones, that can afford the high cost of upgrading to more advanced processes may try to go further with 2/3nm processes, but such applications will be less and less frequent, giving us an opportunity to develop the IC industry through new technology routes.”The opportunity and the new direction is probably IC interconnection technology, based on the mature process to create multiple chip, the chip through IC interconnection technology together, with the support of advanced packaging technology, implementation or come close to a chip performance requires the use of advanced process, it may come out a new technical route,Circumventing the technology blockade “.Hao Qin Fen tells a reporter, the interconnection technology of integrated circuit industry is refers to between many bare chip used in the same package, multiple/under the support of advanced packaging technology of heterogeneous chip through a variety of physical layer, the protocol layer technology to connect, or to achieve more advanced chip technology, integrated circuit is after one of the main development direction of the post Moore era.Western countries, of course, also can use IC interconnection technology combined with advanced processing complete chip design and manufacturing, but on the other hand due to the advanced western countries can still use the current process so lack of promote the power of the technology, on the other hand, IC interconnection technology the value of the present stage of our country mainly solve the problem of we couldn’t use advanced process,For example, being limited in advanced manufacturing technology is like suddenly shutting down a high-speed rail line. With integrated circuit interconnect technology, we can take a highway detour and continue to repair the high-speed rail line.Global adoption of this technology is likely in the future, when advanced manufacturing completely stalls, and there may be a race to the top in integrated circuit interconnect technology.”The traditional integrated circuit industry characterized by the evolution of advanced process nodes is the highly developed crystallization of physical chemistry, and the industrial chain is mostly distributed in the United States, Europe and Japan, so it is difficult to shorten the distance in a few years.”Hao Qin Fen introduction, the optical interconnection technology research institute founded in wuxi core and core optical integrated circuits technology service center is a major task is to focus on IC interconnection technology research and industry incubation, Moore era after the formation of a new type of integrated circuit industry cluster, leading the integrated circuit industry tuyere, fill the blank of the wuxi IC industry chain.It is understood that the institute plans to complete the incubation of high-end data processor (DPU) chip project based on integrated circuit interconnection technology and photoelectric fusion in the first quarter of this year. The project has completed two versions of chip design and chip submission.(Figure: schematic diagram of some integrated circuit interconnection technologies provided by interviewees) standards, promote the formation of a broad social division of labor and incubation industry to lead the wind in addition to increasing technological research and development, we should pay more attention to industrial landing.Hao Qinfen believes that integrated circuit interconnection technology is the technology to connect various integrated circuit components. All the technologies to realize interconnection need standards, because without standards, users are worried that they will eventually become extremely dependent on a certain technology, thus affecting their long-term development.For example, people driving cars will never worry about tires being broken and cannot be changed, because tires are standard, and around the same standard, there are a large number of manufacturers to supply, so that the supply of tire products will not be monopolized in the hands of a few manufacturers, and users will buy products at a reasonable price.Similarly, in the post-Moore era of IC interconnection technology, in order to promote the development of new IC industry, it is necessary to vigorously promote and form technical standards, and form a wide social division of labor around the technical standards, so as to reduce the cost of users.”In terms of integrated circuit interconnection technology, there are still very few enterprises engaged in this area of research in China at present. A few units have done some IP products, but there is no standard and little effect. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously promote the standard formulation from the whole industry and technical field.”Hao Qinfen introduced that the China Association of Computer Interconnection Technology, led by the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established two standards in 2021, one standard around chip-let chip design, the other standard around CPO, or microchip and optoelectronic chip fusion technology, the former is the only chip-let standard in China.The latter is one of the three major CPO standards in the world.”Explore a new mode of investment for production, education, research and use, and lead the wind outlet of integrated circuit industry. As a gathering place of Integrated circuits in China, Wuxi is also a high ground, and its industrial scale ranks second in China, which has a demonstration effect and practical significance.”Hao Qin Fen believes that industrial center after landing wuxi will as the only operating China computer interconnection technology union organization, to continue to lead two standards work, the two have already completed the standard specification draft set, into the consultation stage, this year will also be built around the standard technical validation work, and finishing standards and released at the end of the year.Meanwhile, Hao Qin Fen also revealed that in order to promote China’s integrated circuit industry is about IC interconnection technology is more extensive social division of labor, they will be around next technical standard, the development of the corresponding reference design, and the corresponding enterprise incubation, manufacturing industry, especially the strong foundation of the integrated circuit industry in wuxi advantage,Realize the industrialization layout of the new generation of IC technology in the Yangtze River Delta, and expand and enrich the new IC industry ecology in the post-Moorish era.(after)