Zhang Ruihua: inject strong vitality for Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors

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At present, zhuhai is making every effort to build a hundred-billion-grade alloy material industrial cluster and build a world-class wind power industrial base.Rui-hua zhang as yangjiang hardware knife cut industrial technology research institute, he led the team around yangjiang hardware knife cut, offshore wind power industry, alloy materials industry transformation and upgrading of the need, completed a number of technical innovation, to promote the city’s traditional industries and emerging strategic industry innovation and development made a positive contribution, yangjiang power to achieve high quality development.In December 2014, Yangjiang Municipal Government and The General Research Institute of Iron and Steel jointly established yangjiang Hardware Knife and shear Industry Technology Research Institute, and introduced expert Zhang Ruihua from the General Research Institute of Iron and Steel as president.Now, Zhang Ruihua has been rooted in Yangjiang for more than seven years.When he first arrived in Yangjiang, he was faced with empty office buildings and dormitories, with varying degrees of difficulties in both work and life.For seven years, he and his team lived between the office area and the living area. They were busy preparing materials, applying for projects, modifying data and observing experiments all day long, which turned the lonely research institute into a “paradise” for them.Under the guidance of rui-hua zhang, the team around the main steps of metal knife cut manufacturing chain, developed the hardware knife cutting edge laser cladding material manufacturing, laser 3 d printing, laser cutting blanking, knife cut robot welding equipment, formed a knife cut product analysis and test center, implements the knife cutting machine production and processing one-stop management.In addition, after numerous attempts, the research team has finally made a sharp laser cladding knife and mastered the core technology of laser cladding.The laser cladding knife has been recognized by domestic and foreign markets and consumers once it was launched. It has set off a technological revolution in the metal knife cutting industry and injected strong vitality into yangjiang scientific and technological innovation.Therefore, Yangjiang hardware knife cutting industry Technology Research Institute won the first yangjiang “Guangdong Province new RESEARCH and development institutions” plaque.Zhang ruihua said that The Chinese knife in Yangjiang, he is confident that the production of higher-end hardware knife scissors products.Zhang Ruihua, president of Hardware Knife and scissors Industry Technology Research Institute: Now we are aiming at different knives, then I can make different formulas, then I do so, is to meet the needs of customers.So far I am still on the deployment side, because so far I am still not satisfied, not satisfied, so when is the end of this performance?It’s hard to say. Right now I think we’re just at the beginning, and there’s a long, long way to go.Zhang Ruihua said that the opportunities brought by yangjiang alloy materials and offshore wind power industries are all-round, three-dimensional and revolutionary, and contain rich technological content.They will adhere to the concept of innovative development, closely around the development needs of hardware knife and scissors, alloy materials, offshore wind power industry, do their best to overcome the relevant technical problems, to contribute to the high-quality development of Yangjiang industry.Text and video: Finance Media Center of High-tech Zone