Color | “White moonlight” in Spring in Zhijin

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Know the east wind surface, full of colors always spring.Color, is the best copy of spring, peach green, rape yellow, Cangshan stacked……Blend into a beautiful scene.Cherry blossom is a letter in spring, postmark a girl’s heart, in the horse chang town concave river ten thousand acres of cherry orchard, white and elegant cherry blossom like a piece of light cloud, floating in the branches, thin shadow, long shadow, shallow smile.Standing under the cherry blossom, looking up, the cherry blossom is glittering, romantic will you and I surrounded, meet in the wide boundless cherry sea.Suddenly like night spring breeze, thousands of trees, thousands of trees pear open, imperceptibly, Qi Mo street pingqiao pear garden quietly blooming.Pear clusters, a layer of the sky shop to, such as snow, such as jade, colorful, bright crystal.Cold light after the rain, before the wind sweet soft, spring in the pear.Wind pear, weak smoke soft months, fluttering back, is a little spring fragrance, pear into the palm.The body does not move, the mind has reached.Come here and enjoy the flowers!Five o ‘clock in the morning, guiguo Town Qimo community among the green bamboo bloom, stunning the time of this land.The net of pure white bamboo flowers around the bamboo sun looks like a young girl’s skirt.White leg, net gauze skirt, skirt short meat thick mountain to find, as everyone knows, this small body, actually hide the world to taste.Spring is the dream of winter, but also the future.Spring, there are always unexpected gentle and endless hope!Xia Shan Chen Fang editor Ren Xinlin editor Chen Ling