Here’s the most awkward part about coming home for Chinese New Year

2022-06-18 0 By

The first day of the New Year, the second day of the third day of the relatives was also very happy things, you come and I go are worldly wisdom!But recently there was a particularly embarrassing incident…Usually a person used to the sudden New Year came to a lot of people, of course, most of them are the old people in the time more lively, after marriage relatives more although there is no blood relationship but the other side of the family of seven aunts and eight aunts more associated with the ZA also touched light!I mean, it’s a lot of fun but there’s always that awkward moment when you go to the bathroom and suddenly you see a relative of the opposite sex pooping in there oh, my God that’s so embarrassing![and] [crying] [and] the point is, he saw me, frighten I hurried out ok no into the toilet, take off your clothes and get into the habit of otherwise it would be embarrassed for two days in a row twice hit the same female is what the devil, then also hit by his wife, I drop the darling, groom’s cousin clothes if he should yell cousin daughter-in-law,Well anyway, extended/priest I also remember think of so many people, don’t want to house people too little fall several very good anyway don’t see what, man should also too won’t care about, in the past bull [his face] [his face] [his face] saw some men take off pants jieshou directly, they will not be shy, cousin daughter-in-law asked if I was his object inside,I said yes, light see someone head should be the man scared me [his face] [his face] [his face] is also afraid of misunderstanding, but really see personal head, this several days the cousin and cousin daughter-in-law to side yard to eat every day is to points clear, and then my cousin daughter-in-law laugh, Emma, I want to also is very not inside my own shit was seen,Otherwise that loss, today really can’t stand, you say to go up a toilet every day still have to hold back this also too afflictive, simply say an to return to city first with relatives!There’s a pile of laundry to be done.Got moldy, was going to let my sister-in-law ride electric car to send me to the station, don’t know what to do, actually let that cousin drive to send me to the station [cool ye][cool ye] then cousin daughter-in-law is holding the child next to, this is what ghost, remember last year will also say a few words with this cousin,But since bump into him on the toilet twice just don’t want to deal with him [cool drag] [cool drag] [cool drag] where although didn’t see anything but just feel strange, this is this year New Year the most embarrassing thing happened, the next time a door or a home have to let the house to hang a card, or to meet such a thing to do, see others nothing to be seen how bad!Everybody says is not toilet of rural household expenses this point is bad![Crying with laughter][crying with laughter]